Hodera “Reset to Default” EP Review

New Jersey based quartet Hodera released their debut EP “Reset to Default” on June 17th. Matt Smith’s vocals accompanied by the raw and simple guitar riffs make this five-track EP an easy listen. Right off the bat, “Just My Instinct” welcomes us with a soft acoustic introduction that sets the tone for the rest of the album. This band is nothing short of talented, and each song holds a different message with a different listening experience.

It is very rare that I see a band with this much potential and if they continue what they’ve been doing, they’ll set themselves up for headliners in the near future. After the easygoing track “Tell Me Something I Can Do,” “Creative Comfort” speeds up the EP enough to forget what you’re doing and really listen to the poetry this foursome wrote. When I was listening to this track, I could not only hear the passion through the vocals and the lyrics, but I could feel it.

After thoroughly listening to “Reset to Default,” I could tell they were being their own band and not trying to merely copy another band’s style. With creative lines such as “microwave my frozen heart” the message of love and heartbreak became clear and relatable. “She Knows Because She Read It In A Book Once” is the perfect finisher to this EP because it ties all loose ends and leaves you wanting more. While I was listening to this track, I couldn’t help but wish it were in the ending of an indie romance film that I could watch over and over when I get sad and lonely. It’s one of those songs that you cling to and want to make your own.

My favorite part of the entire EP was at the very end of the fifth track with their short outro track. I fell in love with the acoustics of the song and couldn’t help but hum along.

All in all, Hodera’s debut EP made me wish I lived in New Jersey just so I could see them live all the time. I can’t wait to see what they hold for the future. For such a new band, they really seem to know what they want. Keep doing what you’re doing, boys. It’s working!

-Brooke B.



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