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Seiichi Daimo Acoustics


Viv and the Revival – Heartbreaker – Acoustic

Rachel Brown “Bumblebee” Acoustic Video

Lost in Los Angeles – Waiting For Your Car – Acoustic

Ashley Allen “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes” Acoustic

Jodi Good Acoustic

Stephen Krypel “Skin Deep” Acoustic

Caitlin Michele Acoustic

These Elk Forever Acoustic

Robots and Racecars Acoustic Videos

A few weeks ago Jess went to the studio with Philly band “Robots and Racecars” and filmed a few acoustic videos… here they are! Interview coming soon.

“It’s Dangerous To Go Alone; Take This!”

“Yellow Cab & A Five Cent Cigar”

“Press Start To Continue”

“The High Water Mark”

“Time Machine GO!”

“Here’s To”


“1.21 Jigga WHAT?!”