Chelsea Grin “Ashes To Ashes” Album Review

Chelsea Grin just came out with their new album Ashes To Ashes. This album is very different then what they were putting out in the past. The vocals are more musical and the lyrics are a lot easier to understand and relate to. The first track, “Playing With Fire,” starts off the album on a rapid hardcore start, saying that they are fed up with society and that it should be rid of the negatives and release us from conformity, “cleansing all the hate of the wicked. Liberate our life from oppression.” The following track just amplifies that feeling saying “we’re all living a lie” and that we are fed up being treated “like puppets” and we need to “take control” or just give up. Musically, each song is quite different but still have some similarities in the bass and drums to keep them all coherent with each other. This album is very unique to Chelsea Grin and seems to be a cleaner and clearer one as well. This band has done a great job from every level, lyrics to bass line, everything fits perfectly like a puzzle.

-Raquel P.


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