The Lovebirds Q&A

1. Introduce yourself and say your role in the band.

LW: I’m Lindsay White. I write, sing, and play guitar, ukulele, and sometimes drums. I’m usually the one in the skirt.

VM: My name is Veronica May aka V to the May aka no one calls me that. I am the co-leader of the band. I’m the guitar/uke/drum/singer/songwriter.

2. What made you come up with the name “The Lovebirds?”

VM: I claim that I named it right before we were supposed to perform. We were not even quite sure we would be a band but they needed our name so I said, “The Lovebirds.”

LW: We didn’t even have a discussion about it. It just kind of stuck and even though we’re broken up now, it still works because we definitely have a positive “love is all it takes” message in our music.

3. Where’d you find the inspiration to write your songs on your album “Breakup Shmakeup?”

VM: The title says it all. Most of the songs are a chronicling of the process of the breakup. The initial sadness, the confusion, the anger, the peace and acceptance.

LW: For me it was a musical grieving process. Every song I wrote on the album addressed specific emotions I was feeling at the time of going through a breakup. “Boat Train” spoke to that ache you feel right when a breakup happens. “Whiplash” is all about anger and confusion. “Crimson Love” and “Catch the Rain” are about picking up the pieces. “It Lands” is about trusting time’s ability to heal, and so on.

4. What do you hope your fans will take away from this album?

LW: I hope fans will be able to relate to the idea of facing, feeling, and accepting whatever challenging emotions they may be experiencing at any given time. I hope they will remember to be kind to themselves and gracious to others. I hope they might be able to grasp onto the notion that immense growth and perspective often comes from loss.

VM: I hope they take away something that makes them think and feel. I hope they are able to personalize and find a deeper understanding of a situation they might be in. I hope they can scream the songs to the top of their lungs or lay down and close their eyes and feel all the feelings with the quiet songs.

5. Who has had the biggest influence on your music and writing style?

LW: Early influences include Bob Dylan and poet Shel Silverstein – that’s how I found out words and the way you use them can really move a person. I find myself influenced now by artists like Milk Carton Kids, First Aid Kit, Haim and countless San Diego artists.

VM: For myself, I think one of the biggest influences is my mother. I watched her play the piano growing up and would harmonize with her. I would try and fail at harmonizing for the first few years. I have a very patient mother. Even though I didn’t see my dad as much growing up, I have seen the way he plays guitar and I do a lot of the same things he does. Maybe it comes down to genetics. Nat King Cole and The Carpenters were other influences.

6. As far as warmups go, what helps you best before you take the stage?

LW: I’m not a huge drinker, but I do enjoy a beer or a whiskey drink before a show. It loosens me up just enough. Other than that, I really appreciate a good sound-check. We don’t always get a legit one, so when we do it feels like Christmas.

VM: If I’m really really nervous I can’t help but say a heartfelt Hail Mary. The Catholic is still in there somewhere. Otherwise I do single-string warmups or scales on the guitar. I stretch my forearms and I fiddle around on the guitar or play drums on my legs.

7. What song do you most like to play at shows?

VM: I would have to say “Whiplash” because I get to beat the crud out of the drums.

LW: I agree – I have a ton of fun playing “Whiplash” – there’s this crazy vocal break where V goes nuts on the drums and I just release every ounce of tension built up inside me. Every time we finish that song, I feel like I just completed the most intense two-minute therapy session. Another favorite would be “UNI” off our second album because it’s the one the audience knows and sings with us!

8. If you could have anything happen at one of your shows, what would it be and why?

VM: Have my grandma and grandpa come back to life and watch us rock the stage…that or a really genuine agent with a lot of heart, a lot of the connections we want and a lot of money saying they wants us to work with her/him. 

LW: Have you ever seen the end of the movie Wayne’s World? Something like that. I would be wearing a lingerie mini dress and we would be performing a rousing cover of “Ballroom Blitz” in a basement for a cable access show. Various scenarios would include securing legit management, or offers to tour with our favorite bands, or securing a publishing deal. Basically anything that would give us an opportunity to make music for a living without selling our souls to a guy like Benjamin. OK, I’ve taken this too far.

9. Would you rather have a major recording company viewing your show or your biggest inspiration?

VM: Don’t make me answer this.

LW: Oh, the pressure! I think I’m going to be a wimp and say major recording company. I wouldn’t be as nervous if that happened because if they didn’t like us it wouldn’t be the end of the world. But if Bob Dylan sat in the audience and hated our show or checked his text messages the whole time, that would really mess with my mind. That said, there’s an amazing performance of First Aid Kit singing “America” for Paul Simon at a tribute show, and I would LOVE to do something like that if we ever got “big” enough to be invited to such a thing. He would probably hate every minute of a tribute show in his honor…and I would probably poop in my pants if I got to sing in front of him.

10. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

VM: I recently got a pretty bad sunburn but only on the front of my body.

LW: Stay connected with us online at and FB/TW/YT. We’re always posting something silly and love interacting with our fans/friends!

-Be sure to catch The Lovebirds at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on August 2nd!-

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