Varien Releases “Pick Your Poison Vol. 02”

January 27, 2014Tampa, Florida – Experimental producer/composer Varien has released his new Film/TV/Game/Trailer album “Pick Your Poison Vol. 02” though FiXT.

This is a release that I’m very proud of and very confident in – perfectly suiting any genre of film/tv/video game trailers. Whether it be action, sci-fi, horror, or fantasy, Pick Your Poison 2 leaves nothing unexplored. I hope listeners can enjoy it as a cinematic experience even without the visual element!Varien

Listen to “Pick Your Poison Vol. 02”:


Coming off a meteoric early career that saw multiple EDM singles burn up the Beatport charts, Varien has turned his attention to the darker cinematic side of electronic music. Here he proves that the first volume of Pick Your Poison was a mere crack of the knuckles. Volume 2 is a well-rounded collection of genre exploration, each and every track a perfect synthesis of gut-trembling bass, heart-stopping orchestral hits, and spine-tingling atmospheres. Fourteen cuts of alchemical doom await you: an unseen horror, a rogue AI, an End Times apocalypse – which will you pick?

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Connect with Varien:
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About Varien:

Driven by a quest to push the envelope of sound, Varien (Nick Pittsinger, 23) can only be described as “indescribable”. Genre is just a point of reference for this up-and-coming young producer, who has appropriated electro-swing to cyberpunk and everything in between into his repertoire. With a love for combining organic instruments in an unconventional setting, listeners never know what they will get when listening to Varien, but they can count on it being an immersive experience. Varien paints pictures and tells stories with cinematic atmospheres, dark overtones, and unmatched production quality.

Varien has made his name known throughout various facets of the music industry. From an official orchestral arrangement of Skrillex’s music, to composing video game soundtracks and being featured at the Golden Trailer Awards show, to supplying audio to award-winning company 8dio’s sample libraries (used by composers all over the world), it’s evident that this young rockstar means business. Beatport charts have been wrecked by Varien’s dance tracks, which include his original “Toothless Hawkins and His Robot Jazz Band” that stood firmly at the #1 spot on the Glitch Hop charts for a month – no easy feat. To date, Varien has racked up tens of millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud.

What else is in store for Varien? The possibilities are endless. He will continue to evolve his sound and explore new genres, all while dominating music charts and making deep impressions in the film/tv/video game world.

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