The Tontons “Make Out King and Other Stories of Love” Album Review


Emerging from Houston, Texas, the Tontons are a four-piece band ready to challenge the word “genre” itself. With their upcoming full-length album, Make Out King and Other Stories of Love, they are ready to hit the world with their indie-jazz-pop-R&B sound. They released a video to Wall Street Journal of their song “Veida.” The song is upbeat, with hypnotic instrumentals and rich vocals of lead singer Asli Omar. WSJ named the video “Best ‘On The Record’ Songs of the Year.”

The album starts off with “Magic Hour.” It was the right song to begin with, with the optimistic beats and almost flirty nature, setting the calming yet powerful town for the rest of the album. As it progresses, the songs are hits! One after the other, genius lyrics and unique sounds and instruments feed the nature to the album. One song I particularly loved was “Kidd Cemetery,” with a theremin providing extraterrestrial sounds lightly in the background. The song was more outgoing from the others, and it was striking. One of the last few songs, “Bones 1,” catered to a more classic rock sound, further adding more taste and questionable genre to the band. Lastly, the album ended with “Ruins,” a somber, melancholic acoustic that gives you goosebumps. Her voice provides the raw personality of the song, closing out the album on a chill note.

Behind the music, Tom Nguyen provides the thumping bass that is ever so present in these emotional works. Adam Martinez sends us through the decades of music with his guitar riffs and his brother, Justin, gives us the prominent drum beat. Lastly, Asli Omar presents to us her voice that transcends to the ages of Jazz, R&B, and Rock. The foursome will be touring this February with Bright Light Social Hour. Make Out King and Other Stories of Love will be out February 18th.

-Erin M.

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