Savant Releases 2 Track Collab EP ‘4 Days’ with Canadian EDM Giants Adam K & JELO

May 6th, 2013 – In the midst of his first round of North American tour dates, the EDM phenomenon known as Savant managed to collaborate with Canadian producers Adam K and JELO to release his newest EP 4 Days, on SectionZ Records. So named for the Toronto break between shows, 4 Days is a 2 track banger sure to satisfy fans and critics alike.


Purchase 4 Days Online HERE

Following a short break, Savant’s 2013 tour continued May 3 with shows throughout Europe and North America. View Savant’s full tour HERE.

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About 4 Days in Toronto:

Producing music is always a challenge so when working with someone as brilliant as Savant, it’s just a different kind of challenge, and one that I welcome any time. (AdamK)

Not many artists can pull out an EP while on tour, but expect nothing less from the remarkably prodigious Savant. Emerging naturally through a newly formed friendship and partnership, 4 Days is a unique collaboration and insight into the creative processes of Savant from his collaborators:

The whole experience was pretty organic. It wasn’t like ‘hey, let’s listen and copy this artist’ or ‘what’s going on that’s cool?’ It was just, ‘hey, here’s a good sounding note, cool, next’. I provided some sounds from my own projects and a fellow ear, but it was his fingers that glued the puzzle together. (AdamK)

The Canadian producers played host to Savant throughout his Toronto visit, but while music is always on a musicians mind, it wasn’t assumed that an EP would happen, initially.

a long time fan of Savant, I had no idea we would end up making music together. So when we sat down and went at it I was giddy as fuck…When we started going through his hard drive, I heard a ‘started project’ that hit me like a truck. I knew it needed completing…I was very much co-captain while Savant drove the spaceship into the galaxy. Sonic BOOM! (JELO)

Written and produced between the neighboring studios of JELO (Baddery) and AdamK (Damage), the title Four Days is as much about the time frame as it is about the quality of the tracks making them listenable ‘for days’.

The idea was to make a track that DJs could play but also a listener could rock out to as an individual song. Playable and listenable. I think we nailed it. (JELO)

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