The Dead Rabbitts “Shapeshifter” Album Review

The Dead Rabbitts’ album Shapeshifter takes Craig Mabbitt and TJ Bell’s band Escape The Fate to the next level. The Phoenix, Arizona based band have a bright future ahead of them. The album hits home for metalcore enthusiasts of all kinds. Shapeshifter sounds like someone took Blessthefall and The World Alive and put them into one. (Which I later looked up to find that is what Craig Mabbitt himself said about the band.)

I was ecstatic when I found out that Craig Mabbitt was creating this side project, I love Escape The Fate but I always felt like I needed more and Shapeshifter is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The Dead Rabbitts is a perfect band to jump around and release emotions to. The album tells a story of regret, reject, change, and waking yourself up to the world around you. The album begins with the song “My Only Regret” which hooks listeners in from the very start. Listening to the song “Shapeshifter,” the ending brings chills to my skin. The album itself is filled with hooks and harmonies that don’t let the listener go. Fans of Blessthefall, Escape The Fate, The World Alive, Motionless In White and Eyes Set To Kill should definitely check out this album when it drops in stores.

Every song has something that sets it apart from the rest on the album, and every song is filled with emotion. The album has a very aggressive and ‘pissed off’ sound which Craig Mabbitt had told Alt Press. Craig has wanted to make something of this sound but had never gotten the chance until now. Shapeshifter is definitely an album worth listening to. You’ll either hate it, or you’ll love it and I see more people taking the loving it side. The album is set to drop in stores July 1st but you can find the singles “Shapeshifter” and “My Only Regret” on Tragic Hero Record’s YouTube channel (link below). You can also catch the band on tour this summer June 20th to July 26th, 2014 with main support band The Relapse Symphony along with Myka Relocate and Nightmares.

-Mya T.


WAR GAMES are Releasing “The Acoustic Sessions” EP on July 2nd

Southern MA // July 2nd, 2014 – Progressive indie rockers, WAR GAMES will release their second EP, The Acoustic Sessions next Wednesday, July 2 via digital retailers.

The EP features a variety of fan-selected songs, which the band broke down and rebuilt in acoustic form. With a fresh, new sound on familiar classics, guitarist Ian provost noted, “I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised with how everything has come together.”

Currently, members of WAR GAMES have been hard at work, attending every date of this year’s Vans Warped Tour to distribute promotional “Rhode Island / Southern Massachusetts 2014 Compilation” CDs featuring tracks of their own music as well music from across the local scene. Working in conjunction with their clothing sponsor, SelfMade Co. the band viewed the opportunity to reach beyond their own needs and cross-promote.

The Acoustic Sessions is War Games’ first release since their 2012 Mountains. It will be followed by a full-length album this fall.

‘The Acoustic Session EP’ Track Listing
01: The Only Debt We Bear is Love
02: Don’t Lose Your Head
03: Mountains (featuring Rich Ferri)
04: Crashing Like a Wave
05: Submerge Me

Kyle Therrien (Main Vocals)
Andy Calheta (Bass and Vocals)
Ian Provost (Guitar)
Josh Zeolla (Drums)
Matt Dilecce (Guitar)

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Hollow Earth “Hell” Music Video

Valerie Gentile Releases Music Video for “Scarred”

(for fans of Crüxshadows, Angelspit and Ayria)

Watch Valerie’s Music Video for ‘Scarred’ Exclusively via AltSounds: HERE

Brooklyn, NY // June 24th 2014: Industrial rock star Valerie Gentile (of The Cruxshadows, Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Angelspit) has launched her career in the solo artist world and premiered her music video for single, “Scarred”. The track hailed from the extremely successful Kickstarter-funded album “Love is Luxury”. Valerie has partnered up with AltSounds to give fans a visual treat to pair with her already well-received single.

The video takes elements of pop culture, femme fatale and film noir smashed together in a chaotic, raw yet undeniably alluring blend. “I decided to make a video for ‘Scarred‘ because whenever I hear it I get a sense of victory and can’t help but smile,” said Gentile. “’Scarred’ was my moving out of LA, F**k you bad boyfriend song. I wanted the song to sound like an electronic dance hit that would be on the radio waves of LA, but more bad ass.” Inspired by the success of her EP’s Kickstarter campaign, Gentile put out a similar request on Facebook to assist with funding for the video. Through the help of generous fans, she was able to raise over $700 to cover production costs, providing special thanks to each donor in the credits. Furthermore, her longtime friend Michael Abiuso (The Venetia Fair, SwitchBitch Records) provided his time and talents as co-star in the film.

The film was directed by d. yee another friend of Gentile’s and growing NYC photographer. “Valerie approached me with a reference to two ’90s videos of the band Garbage,” d. yee noted. “The videos were lush with hues of reds and textures – marker streaks, film grain, washed out footage, and so on. The color palette from both of these videos provided the launching point for the ‘Scarred’ video… a distinctive look and feel starts set in when the actual footage was filmed. My treatment boards were the primary and loose shooting guide for ‘Scarred’. This allowed room for some happy accidents and surprises rather than adhering to a shooting script.”

Working with a small but talented team, the video for “Scarred” displays the creativity, effort and input of all involved. “I can’t thank them enough for a great experience,” said Gentile. “I wish all my creative projects were that much fun!”

Bio: Valerie Gentile is one of goth and industrial music’s most prominent guitarists of recent vintage. Gentile’s new solo work follows on a long career of touring and recording with such luminaries as The Crüxshadows, Angelspit, and Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Her 2013 debut solo EP, “Love Is Luxury”, swims comfortably between classic goth-rock and modern industrial dance, with dark new wave-tinged songwriting and sharp alto vocals throughout.

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 Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Candy Hearts “All The Ways You Let Me Down” Album Review

In a way, women in the alternative rock scene are seen as revolutionary. Sure, there seems to be a scarce amount of lead women in bands these days, but following Paramore, VersaEmerge, and We Are The In Crowd, women in the scene only seem to be getting stronger. After seeing Candy Hearts in Seattle, I was a bit disappointed with the diversity in their songs. Everything sounded the same. Shrugging them off was probably the biggest mistake I made that night. After having the pleasure of listening to their new record, All The Ways You Let Me Down, I realized their full potential. The simplicity of their lyrics mixed with their ‘90s punk sound threw me back to my “wannabe 90’s kid” days. Songs such as “The Dream’s Not Dead” and “Brooklyn Bridge” will make everybody’s foot tap no matter who they are, and “Something’s Missing” will have a message for everyone. Candy Hearts’ minimal metaphors make for simple relatable messages and an easy-to-listen-to attitude that everybody will enjoy to some degree.

 Candy Hearts is not quite a headliner band yet, but they are perfect for opening. Give them a couple years and they’ll be the band that people demand encores from. This is only the beginning for this east coast triad.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates! All The Ways You Let Me Down is now available on iTunes.

-Brooke B.

IONIA’s EP “Captain Humility” Out Today!

Music Video For Single, ‘Captain Humility’ Out July 1st

Purchase Ionia’s “Captain Humility” via Bandcamp: HERE

Available on itunes and all major digital outlets Thursday!

MANHATTAN, NY // New York City’s very own IONIA is proud to release their debut EP entitled “Captain Humility” today! The five-piece dynamic band delves deep into your psyche with powerful lyrics and resonating music. Their upcoming music video, for “Captain Humility” will be released July 1st. The video was written, directed and produced by singer Blaise Beyhan and is a continuation of the storyline from their first video “Mutiny”. The addition of film adds an entirely new dimension to their already spine-tingling music.

What The Press Is Saying About “Captain Humility” E.P.:

I applaud Ionia for staying true to themselves and creating something so unique and worthwhile for their listeners” – Limerence Magazine

You will fall in love with this eclectic masterpiece” – Music Beacon

It’s an EP you should check out if you enjoy deep lyrics and often passionate delivery” – Barebones Entertainment

It’s an EP that hits home when it comes to what society is like. It’s a brilliant follow-up to their last release, Mutiny.” – Between The Blades

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Texas Showdown Tattoo & Music Festival Announces 5th Annual Headliners: Deftones, Drowning Pool, & Wu-Tang Clan

El Paso, TexasTexas Showdown Festival, the country’s largest tattoo & music festival, is returning to El Paso County Coliseum for 3 days of tattooing, music, sideshows, and more from July 18th-20th!

The Texas Showdown Festival music lineup includes headliners Deftones, Drowning Pool, and Wu-Tang Clan along with support from The Casualties, Lower Class Brats, Murder FM, 12 Stones, Crazytown, Bridge To Grace, Grind, Bash, Snow Tha Product, Sheek Louch, D-Block, Rare Individuals, Explicit Content, and a surprise guest!

Over 300 tattoo artists from around the globe will be tattooing including celebrity artists from popular TV tattoo shows. The festival also features a variety of sideshows as well as human body suspension shows.

Purchase Tickets from Ticketmaster

Festival Location:
El Paso County Coliseum
4100 E Paisano Dr
El Paso, TX 79905

IONIA “Captain Humility” EP Review

Hailing from the Big Apple, five-piece IONIA are releasing their debut EP titled Captain Humility. The band recorded with the esteemed producer Mike Sapone, who has worked with Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. The band brings a more mature type of punk rock to the table, filtering through the genres and creating their own. They easily capture the minds of the listeners and delve into their psyche, bringing out a plethora of emotion through their hard hitting lyrics and raw instrumentals.

If you like Brand New, you will absolutely love IONIA. The two bands are similar, but IONIA put a twist on their lyrics and sound that make them strikingly different against Brand New. They’ve crafted their individuality extremely well through this EP, and leave me begging for more. It starts off with “Captain Humility,” using raw and edgy instrumentals to craft an emotional story of damage and regret. The next song, “They Look Like Big Strong Hands Don’t They” provides a softer edge for the band, but still keeps the initial edge and strain that they produce. The acoustics are simple, but with filtered vocals and other ear catching sounds, they create a nostalgic and eerie feeling. The EP ends with “Delusions of Grandeur,” which picks the EP back up with a final bang. The song pumps the listener up and captures their complete attention with the intense drums and strained vocals.

Captain Humility is something you need in your collection. The EP comes out June 24th, and I am sure that is not the last you will hear of IONIA!

– Erin M.

Autocatalytica Are Set To Release Debut Self-Titled LP June 28th

The psycho-maniacal spazzgazm of progressive-math-metal mayhem known as Autocatalytica are reinvigorating the spirit that every ‘heavy music’ connoisseur was drawn to in the first place. Staying true to some serious roots of Strapping Young Lad’s “Alien” and The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Calculating Infinity” the Brooklyn based quartet announce the release of their upcoming LP as June 28th. Full of flying technical passages and precise stops juxtaposed with lush melodic passages, Autocatalytica layer on the sound and the talent.

“We’re seeking to bring something visceral and fearless to a scene unwittingly trapped by it’s own stale tradition,” states the multi-talented front-man and producer Eric Thorfinnson. “We didn’t use any drum replacement, click tracks, or grid alignment,” adds drummer Emmett Ceglia. Which uniquely veers far from the standard this day and age and adds sincerity and DIY-rooted truth in musicianship again. “We made the thing about as DIY as one can,” said Ceglia. “Hell, even the cover art is my own blood!”

This record really combines the raw chaos of early Dillinger Escape Plan while capturing the gritty, wall of sound production of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’” – SwitchBitch Noise

To put it simply, Autocatalytica sounds something like if Converge were just getting started as a new band and wanted to add a hint of 80’s prog influenced melodies” – Absolute Punk


Formed as a solo project in 2009, Thorfinnson has always drawn inspiration from a vast collage of different artists. From the Mars Volta, to Bjork, to Devin Townsend, to 20th century composer Bela Bartok, Autocatalytica’s sound is sure to surprise and intrigue listeners of all persuasions. Upon moving to Boston to study at Berklee in 2010, Thorfinnson acquired guitarist Erik Sorensen, Drummer Emmett Ceglia, and bassist Jon Anderson. Over the next few years the band played it’s first shows and in April of 2012 released it’s debut EP “Horror Vacui”. The effort stays true to the relentless variation and passion of the solo project, including everything from the math-metal freakout of “Puketicus” to the re-arrangement of 20th century Claude Debussy’s piano piece “Tarantelle Styrienne”

Thorfinnson relocated to Brooklyn in the fall of 2012 and immediately began splitting his time between NYC and Boston to rehearse and write a follow up record. In June 2013 the group began recording its eponymous LP, while continually playing shows along the east coast in between intense sessions. By the spring of 2014 the whole band had relocated to Brooklyn, and completed the LP. In April the group underwent it’s inaugural tour entitled “The Master Egg Tour” much to the excitement of audiences all along the east coast. Now the group stands poised to release it’s LP and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.


Eric Thorfinnson – Guitar/Vocals/Engineering/Production

Erik Sorensen – Guitar

Will Purcell – Bass

Emmett Ceglia – Drums


The Venetia Fair Interview