Tanner EP Review

NYC indie rocker Tanner is making a splash onto the music scene with the recent release of his debut self-titled EP. This New York local tells stories of addiction, love, and heartache with upbeat choruses and rocking lyrics. “Where You Go” kicks everything off as a slow but beat appreciating compilation intro to the rest of the tracks. Up next we have “Satellite,” a soothing ballet of guitars, drums, and heartfelt vocals. “Come Alive” is definitely the heart and highlight of this EP, with a catchy chorus, steady beat, and perfectly timed guitar solo, it’s only a matter of time before this song is being played on radio stations across the nation. Rounding out the last half are the two tracks “Lonely Girl” and “Slow Release,” both of which continue what “Come Alive” started, tempting the listener to get off his/her feet and just have a good time. Ending the EP is “Mend,” a slow emotional but rhythmatic tune which showcases a very talented musician in Tanner both lyrically and instrumentally.

Be sure to check out Tanner’s Facebook page for updates and pick up a copy of his EP out now! Also, you can watch the videos for his 2 singles “Come Alive” and “Where You Go” on his YouTube channel (links below).

-Annette V.




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