Valerie Gentile Releases Music Video for “Scarred”

(for fans of Crüxshadows, Angelspit and Ayria)

Watch Valerie’s Music Video for ‘Scarred’ Exclusively via AltSounds: HERE

Brooklyn, NY // June 24th 2014: Industrial rock star Valerie Gentile (of The Cruxshadows, Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Angelspit) has launched her career in the solo artist world and premiered her music video for single, “Scarred”. The track hailed from the extremely successful Kickstarter-funded album “Love is Luxury”. Valerie has partnered up with AltSounds to give fans a visual treat to pair with her already well-received single.

The video takes elements of pop culture, femme fatale and film noir smashed together in a chaotic, raw yet undeniably alluring blend. “I decided to make a video for ‘Scarred‘ because whenever I hear it I get a sense of victory and can’t help but smile,” said Gentile. “’Scarred’ was my moving out of LA, F**k you bad boyfriend song. I wanted the song to sound like an electronic dance hit that would be on the radio waves of LA, but more bad ass.” Inspired by the success of her EP’s Kickstarter campaign, Gentile put out a similar request on Facebook to assist with funding for the video. Through the help of generous fans, she was able to raise over $700 to cover production costs, providing special thanks to each donor in the credits. Furthermore, her longtime friend Michael Abiuso (The Venetia Fair, SwitchBitch Records) provided his time and talents as co-star in the film.

The film was directed by d. yee another friend of Gentile’s and growing NYC photographer. “Valerie approached me with a reference to two ’90s videos of the band Garbage,” d. yee noted. “The videos were lush with hues of reds and textures – marker streaks, film grain, washed out footage, and so on. The color palette from both of these videos provided the launching point for the ‘Scarred’ video… a distinctive look and feel starts set in when the actual footage was filmed. My treatment boards were the primary and loose shooting guide for ‘Scarred’. This allowed room for some happy accidents and surprises rather than adhering to a shooting script.”

Working with a small but talented team, the video for “Scarred” displays the creativity, effort and input of all involved. “I can’t thank them enough for a great experience,” said Gentile. “I wish all my creative projects were that much fun!”

Bio: Valerie Gentile is one of goth and industrial music’s most prominent guitarists of recent vintage. Gentile’s new solo work follows on a long career of touring and recording with such luminaries as The Crüxshadows, Angelspit, and Black Tape for a Blue Girl. Her 2013 debut solo EP, “Love Is Luxury”, swims comfortably between classic goth-rock and modern industrial dance, with dark new wave-tinged songwriting and sharp alto vocals throughout.

Connect with Valerie Gentile:

 Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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