Candy Hearts “All The Ways You Let Me Down” Album Review

In a way, women in the alternative rock scene are seen as revolutionary. Sure, there seems to be a scarce amount of lead women in bands these days, but following Paramore, VersaEmerge, and We Are The In Crowd, women in the scene only seem to be getting stronger. After seeing Candy Hearts in Seattle, I was a bit disappointed with the diversity in their songs. Everything sounded the same. Shrugging them off was probably the biggest mistake I made that night. After having the pleasure of listening to their new record, All The Ways You Let Me Down, I realized their full potential. The simplicity of their lyrics mixed with their ‘90s punk sound threw me back to my “wannabe 90’s kid” days. Songs such as “The Dream’s Not Dead” and “Brooklyn Bridge” will make everybody’s foot tap no matter who they are, and “Something’s Missing” will have a message for everyone. Candy Hearts’ minimal metaphors make for simple relatable messages and an easy-to-listen-to attitude that everybody will enjoy to some degree.

 Candy Hearts is not quite a headliner band yet, but they are perfect for opening. Give them a couple years and they’ll be the band that people demand encores from. This is only the beginning for this east coast triad.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates! All The Ways You Let Me Down is now available on iTunes.

-Brooke B.


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