IONIA “Captain Humility” EP Review

Hailing from the Big Apple, five-piece IONIA are releasing their debut EP titled Captain Humility. The band recorded with the esteemed producer Mike Sapone, who has worked with Brand New and Taking Back Sunday. The band brings a more mature type of punk rock to the table, filtering through the genres and creating their own. They easily capture the minds of the listeners and delve into their psyche, bringing out a plethora of emotion through their hard hitting lyrics and raw instrumentals.

If you like Brand New, you will absolutely love IONIA. The two bands are similar, but IONIA put a twist on their lyrics and sound that make them strikingly different against Brand New. They’ve crafted their individuality extremely well through this EP, and leave me begging for more. It starts off with “Captain Humility,” using raw and edgy instrumentals to craft an emotional story of damage and regret. The next song, “They Look Like Big Strong Hands Don’t They” provides a softer edge for the band, but still keeps the initial edge and strain that they produce. The acoustics are simple, but with filtered vocals and other ear catching sounds, they create a nostalgic and eerie feeling. The EP ends with “Delusions of Grandeur,” which picks the EP back up with a final bang. The song pumps the listener up and captures their complete attention with the intense drums and strained vocals.

Captain Humility is something you need in your collection. The EP comes out June 24th, and I am sure that is not the last you will hear of IONIA!

– Erin M.


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