Autocatalytica Are Set To Release Debut Self-Titled LP June 28th

The psycho-maniacal spazzgazm of progressive-math-metal mayhem known as Autocatalytica are reinvigorating the spirit that every ‘heavy music’ connoisseur was drawn to in the first place. Staying true to some serious roots of Strapping Young Lad’s “Alien” and The Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Calculating Infinity” the Brooklyn based quartet announce the release of their upcoming LP as June 28th. Full of flying technical passages and precise stops juxtaposed with lush melodic passages, Autocatalytica layer on the sound and the talent.

“We’re seeking to bring something visceral and fearless to a scene unwittingly trapped by it’s own stale tradition,” states the multi-talented front-man and producer Eric Thorfinnson. “We didn’t use any drum replacement, click tracks, or grid alignment,” adds drummer Emmett Ceglia. Which uniquely veers far from the standard this day and age and adds sincerity and DIY-rooted truth in musicianship again. “We made the thing about as DIY as one can,” said Ceglia. “Hell, even the cover art is my own blood!”

This record really combines the raw chaos of early Dillinger Escape Plan while capturing the gritty, wall of sound production of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Loveless’” – SwitchBitch Noise

To put it simply, Autocatalytica sounds something like if Converge were just getting started as a new band and wanted to add a hint of 80’s prog influenced melodies” – Absolute Punk


Formed as a solo project in 2009, Thorfinnson has always drawn inspiration from a vast collage of different artists. From the Mars Volta, to Bjork, to Devin Townsend, to 20th century composer Bela Bartok, Autocatalytica’s sound is sure to surprise and intrigue listeners of all persuasions. Upon moving to Boston to study at Berklee in 2010, Thorfinnson acquired guitarist Erik Sorensen, Drummer Emmett Ceglia, and bassist Jon Anderson. Over the next few years the band played it’s first shows and in April of 2012 released it’s debut EP “Horror Vacui”. The effort stays true to the relentless variation and passion of the solo project, including everything from the math-metal freakout of “Puketicus” to the re-arrangement of 20th century Claude Debussy’s piano piece “Tarantelle Styrienne”

Thorfinnson relocated to Brooklyn in the fall of 2012 and immediately began splitting his time between NYC and Boston to rehearse and write a follow up record. In June 2013 the group began recording its eponymous LP, while continually playing shows along the east coast in between intense sessions. By the spring of 2014 the whole band had relocated to Brooklyn, and completed the LP. In April the group underwent it’s inaugural tour entitled “The Master Egg Tour” much to the excitement of audiences all along the east coast. Now the group stands poised to release it’s LP and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.


Eric Thorfinnson – Guitar/Vocals/Engineering/Production

Erik Sorensen – Guitar

Will Purcell – Bass

Emmett Ceglia – Drums



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