Ballyhoo! Halo EP Review

Baltimore based Ballyhoo! are debuting their new EP just in time for the summer ahead of them. Halo brings the fans the sense of warm summer nights, painting a picture of driving with the windows down or sitting around a huge bonfire. Especially with their own rendition of “Lazy,” originally by Bruno Mars, it sends the fan a message of: it’s finally summer.

Initially, I was excited to see Ballyhoo! putting out something new in time for summer. They’re the perfect band to get pumped up to and are never ones to disappoint. The EP starts off with “Halo, a song that is blatantly upbeat and uplifting, depicting a story of love and hopefulness in a relationship. They have a fundamental rock feel, with light reggae coloring the background. The instrumentals along with lead singer Howi Sprangler’s voice are the perfect melody mix of an exultant attitude with an optimistic ring. It has the classic reggae beat, engaging the song in the true color of the band’s sound.

Their cover of “Lazy” is especially good, authenticating it to its core. Since Bruno Mars’ original is so close to their own sound (but more pop), the band has switched up the rhythms to a more rock sound, with a great guitar intro that intrigues the listener. The classic reggae is in the undertone, a decent amount to still show us that this is Ballyhoo!. The way they incorporate their own sound is extremely unique and well done. It is definitely one of the better covers that you’ll hear, any day.

Ballyhoo! are touring this summer all over the country, and they are a band completely worth seeing. They’ve got a high energy stage presence and put their best into every show. This summer’s tour is called #SuperHappyFunMoney, and they are playing select shows with big names such as 311 and Sublime With Rome. Halo comes out June 17th.

-Erin M.


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