THE LIMIT CLUB Release Video for “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)”

Upcoming EP The Wild Four to be Released this August

Psychobilly rockers THE LIMIT CLUB released their video for “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)” today exclusively via New Noise Magazine. Directed by Jeff Niemoller and Ryan Hale, their fourth music video has brought them to new levels of experimentation and creative filming. “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)” is the first single off their upcoming EP The Wild Four which is to be released via digital retailers and on vinyl this August.

The inspiration for the song came from self-loathing and anxiety. “I like the idea of a person with a dissociative identity or multiple personalities battling with their various consciousnesses, silencing the unfavorable voices one by one until there is a sole personality in control,” said vocalist Nick Feratu. “I like songs that deal with the Apocalypse and death… I don’t write love songs.” They worked with Jeff Niemoller for their “Condemned Vessel” music video last year, and decided to give him full creative control for the latest project.

The Wild Four EP will be the latest release from The Limit Club since their last studio album, This Is Cutthroat Business in 2011. “People can expect a new Limit Club. This is the first outing with Monty O’Blivion on saxophone and guitar,” said Feratu. They officially added O’Blivion to their lineup in after he assisted with post-production of Cutthroat Business. In addition to releasing the EP through digital retailers the band decided to run a limited press of 7” vinyl. “It’s something we’ve never done before… much like the songs on the record, we thought it’s only fitting to do something new with the album release. People are collecting vinyl again and we wanted to jump into the vinyl game,” they noted. As bassist NickDave said, “It’s artistic and dramatic. It reflects where we are currently in our career.” The album is slated for release this August and can be pre-ordered at the band’s website Take a first look at the cover art below!

Upcoming Shows:

May 30, 2014 – REV IT UP! W/ Deadbolt & Lords of the Damned Spike’s Bar & Billards

August 31, 2014 – Long Beach Psyclone





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