The Lost EP Review

Hailing from the Aussie land of Melbourne, Victoria, alternative rock group The Lost are setting the stage for a very bright and successful future with their debut self-titled EP, which is set to be released May 30th. The band is also currently wrapping up a 9-date Australian tour supporting Jonny Craig, along with Kyle Lucas, This Wild Life, Redbeard, and We Disappear. Kicking off the 5-track EP is “Wake Up,” a melodic and rocky song filled with passionate vocals and lyrics. “Weightless” and “Beyond Reach” both exhibit the impressive musical talents of The Lost members with catchy lyrics, technical guitar riffs and drum chords, matched with the string defining vocals of Michael Redding. Slowing things down a bit is “I Won’t Let You Go,” the 3rd track off the EP, displays a tranquil and soothing tune that pairs perfectly with the sincere lyrical subject. Ending the EP is the track “Fate Is Not Enough,” which is the perfect combination of upbeat and calming both musically and lyrically. The Lost definitely have something unique and special brewing and I personally can’t wait to see where their talents will take them.

Be sure to check out and like their Facebook page for updates and don’t forget to check out their debut EP when it drops in 2 weeks. You can also check out the two singles “Wake Up” and “Weightless” on the bands YouTube channel (link below).

-Annette V.




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