The Black Sox Scandal “Forward Progress” EP Review

New Jersey locals, The Black Sox Scandal, began their musical adventures back in December 2012 having released their debut acoustic EP three months later in March 2013 titled Nothing Seemed So Perfect, the boys have now recently released their Forward Progress EP this past April and are currently in the studio working on new material for their upcoming EP presumably to be released later this year. The first track off Forward Progress is “Realign,” a little acoustic guitar to start things off but quickly transitions into pop-rock beats accompanied by the powerful but gentle vocals of frontman Tom Smeaton. Continuing their alternative/pop-punk style is the second track entitled “Capsized.” The last track off the EP is “Anchor,” here the band dominates the meaning of being pop-punk. This track solidifies everything you’d expect to hear from a pop-punk band, even a catchy chorus; “you could be my rock, and I’d keep you anchored to the floor, at once I thought I missed you, now I couldn’t need you more.”

You can check out Forward Progress on the bands Bandcamp site (link below), which is available for FREE download, as well as the bands previous EP Nothing Seemed So Perfect. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page to keep up with the band and the release of a new EP in the works!

-Annette V.


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