STATIONS “Found My Way” Single Review

Let’s be honest. It’s the tale that’s been told a thousand times before; the romanticized saga of the struggling musician yearning to make it big isn’t a new concept by any means. However, with the right mixture of lyrical craftsmanship, adept instrumentation, and maybe a pinch of luck and faith, a small number of these up and coming artists can be picked up by mainstream radar. STATIONS, a five piece power-pop group, are slowly emerging from the shadows to the center of NYC’s pop-rock music scene. The group has released their debut single, “Found My Way,” which will be featured on an upcoming EP, produced by Tommy Eichmann.

“Found My Way” could  be the sonic parable of the band’s sacrifices and arduous journey to achieve their recent successes. With heartfelt lyrics such as, “I was on the verge of letting go, before you came into my world and gave me hope to hold on to. Now I spend my days in disbelief, knowing you’re the better half of me,” STATIONS takes listeners on the emotion-laden voyage of the starving artist stereotype. The single opens with a light and ethereal intro, showcasing Allie Dobyns’ keyboard skills. It increases in energy and volume, gradually resulting in a crescendo of pop-rock passion, reminiscent of a softer version of the Foo Fighters circa 2005’s “Best of You.” The highlights of “Found My Way” comes through in Eric Sunray’s insanely catchy guitar hooks and Steven Baggs’ soaring vocals. At the height of the song’s anthemic chorus, Baggs’ rich and honest vocals, similar to the Foo’s Dave Grohl, are in full force as he calls out “I found my way through the pouring rain, with the feeling that you gave me. This feeling is what kept me alive, so don’t you let this go.” Carrying the rhythmic support of the group and a good-feeling beat throughout are the spot-on bass lines of Matt Leibowitz and steady drumming from Fabio Amato.

“Found My Way” is an impressive debut from STATIONS. It’s heartfelt and refreshingly honest and optimistic. “If you have a true love and passion for music, creation and performance, every single day you do it will be a good one, no matter the outcome at day’s end,” said Baggs. With such a striking and infectious single, audiences can expect STATIONS’ full EP to contain a bevy of well-written pop-rock arrangements, leaving listeners wanting more.

-Lauren L.


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