ALESANA To Premiere NEW Music Video For “Fatima Rusalka” Exclusively on TOMORROW


North Carolina pop-metal icons Alesana will be releasing a music video for the stand alone single “Fatima Rusalka on tomorrowMay 13th.
Fresh off of their full US tour in support of the recently released The Decade EP, the band is ready to shift gears back into their critically acclaimed Annabel trilogy.  The music video, directed by Rita Baghdadi, is a collection of live footage captured on the aforementioned tour during their performances in Hollywood, Pomona, and Baltimore.
Singer/songwriter Shawn Milke explains, “The Fatima video was a chance to not only work with my very talented sister-in-law, but it also allowed us to capture the energy and power of our live performance.”
“Fatima Rusalka” lyrically serves as a bridge between the band’s last full length A Place Where The Sun Is Silent and the forthcoming conclusion to the trilogy.  Nominated for Revolver Magazine’s Song of the Year 2013, it has received positive feedback from fans and critics, alike.
“Fatima Rusalka is available on iTunes via Revival Recordings.  

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