Zardonic Celebrates 10 Years With Huge Mix Of His Best Sounds!

Venezuela’s masked musical vigilante Zardonic celebrates his 10th Anniversary with the release of a 99 minute mix featuring 44 of the best releases from the iconic bass-god’s catalog.

Check out Zardonic’s “10th Anniversary Mix”:

This mix contains only Zardonic material. Solo tunes, collaborations, remixes and a couple edits of my favorite tunes. It also has a tribute to Dieselboy’s “Dungeonmaster’s Guide”, specifically in the moment I’m mixing Basic Operations’ “White”, Technical Itch’s “The Hand” and Raiden’s “Infection (E-Sassin VIP)”. These three tunes were mixed the same way in the mentioned mix, which was the mix that got me into Drum & Bass. So this is me paying homage to the greatest Drum & Bass DJ that North America has ever had. In all honesty, I could still place that mix on my top 10 albums of all time next to “Spiritual Black Dimensions” by Dimmu Borgir, “Dusk… And Her Embrace” by Cradle Of Filth, “Formulas Fatal To The Flesh” by Morbid Angel, “Black Seeds Of Vengeance” by Nile, you name it. That’s why I loved Hard Drum & Bass so much in the first place. It was like the original Metal EDM hybrid. Had way more guts and attitude than most other dance music genres.

And this is something you hardly hear nowadays. If commercial music used to be bad, it’s getting worse. Everyone’s desperately wanting to be a copycat of (insert top-of-the-pops DJ here). I don’t. I listen to everything you can think of, hell, I’m guilty of being a dark DNB DJ who loves what High Contrast did. You can hear that guy can do music that still sounds like music, you can almost smell it and it’s still fresh in a great way, not like a plastic wrapped package of shit. I’m not going to name and shame, but I know a lot of people reading this will understand what I’m talking about.

One of the things I always have in my mind when I’m working as an EDM DJ or Producer, is Metal. Be it because of the way I compose, because of the specific, overly euphoric vibe I’m always looking for, or even because of the ethics commonly found in the metal scene.

This mix is one of those things. It’s a journey that will make you go throughout the best of the history of all Zardonic releases, and even some unreleased remixes, edits or bootlegs, the same way you find an album of a band full of their own compositions plus the occasional tribute to the classic bands.

Among these tributes you’ll hear, for example, you’ll find my remix of “Bitemark” by Black Sun Empire, for example. That track to me is like “Angel Of Death” by Slayer to a metalhead. Or also why you’ll hear those tunes I mentioned as they were mixed in Dieselboy’s mix.

So here you go, hopefully this mix still displays and portrays what I feel in my heart, and I hope you all enjoy it the same way I enjoyed crafting it as carefully as possible, mixed the old school way.

Zardonic – Your EDM Exclusive Interview

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