Jake Furia – The Acoustic EP Available On iTunes

Long Island, NY – April 15, 2014 – Twenty one year old Jake Furia, multi-genre performer based out of Long Island, released his debut EP, The Acoustic EP, which is now available on iTunes.  The EP, which was recorded at Get Open Studios in Long Island and engineered by Michael Coppola, it can be purchased on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/1elu3gd.

“‘The Acoustic EP’ for me is a starting point. It’s music in a really raw and bare-bones format, and I wanted to start with it for that reason. In my career, I want to get to experience music in as many ways as I can. Everyone who loves art has something in  specific to them that they love about it. I think thats beautiful and I want to discover all’ve those things.” explains Furia.

At the age of eighteen, Furia attended Five Towns College, but left after one semester to pursue his goal of becoming a performing artist. He became the front man of the band, Deadly Blessed, and at the same time started delving into the EDM scene in New York City  (apart from his solo act, Jake spins electronic dance music as DJ Enfuria). After the breakup of Deadly Blessed in 2013, Furia began his solo endeavor.

Furia’s solo project includes a full ensemble of musicians as his backing band called the “Be Yourselves,” named so because of his idea that art should be about everybody.  “My favorite thing about music and art is that it brings out that part of a person that means the most to them.”

In November of 2013, Furia released The Acoustic EP, which consists of 5 tracks and is available on iTunes and Spotify. This summer, he plans on recording his first full-length album, Where The Ends Fall Off, due out in the Fall of 2014.  The alternative rock album will have elements of reggae, electro, hardcore, and pop punk, and will feature his full band.

Furia credits the supportive and diverse Long Island music scene for the start of his success and desire to push through with his music. “I aspire to connect with as many people as I can and have a career full of awesome times and great tunes.” The young artist draws inspiration from various acts including everything from Sublime to Brand New and Skrillex.

The Acoustic EP is available now on iTunes, here: http://bit.ly/1elu3gd



1. Ulnet

2. Meet Me In L.A.  (Feat. Megan Mass)

3. Crazy Woman

4. Breathe

5. Access to Ecstasy (Live)

For updates, please visit:

Website: jakefuriamusic.tumblr.com

Facebook: facebook.com/jakefuriamusic

Twitter: twitter.com/JakeFuria

YouTube: youtube.com/jakefuriamusic



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