Seiichi Daimo Q&A

1. How did you get your start in music?

I always wanted to write songs since I was little. I thought that was the coolest thing. I eventually joined a band in high school and it all just kept growing.

2. How does your cultural background influence your music?

I think my Japanese background impacts my music in different ways. I think it can be the calm vibe that my music can have. I also think its just the ability to look at our culture from an outside perspective.

3. Take us through your writing process.

I have a somewhat unorthodox approach to writing a song. I never actually write anything down. To me a song should be about a feeling or free flowing emotion and to me when I write things down they become jumbled and disjointed. Instead I will ad-lib words or phrases that resonate with the feeling of the song. I’ll repeat those phrases until I have the whole song. This may take many days of repeating a few lines until it all comes together but for some reason I can write so much more clearly this way then when I try to write something down.

4. Who has had the biggest influence on your music and writing style?

I have to say my friends. Just growing up in an area with a great art and music scene motivates you to improve your craft and you pick up things from other artists intentionally and unintentionally.

5. Is there anyone you would particularly like to collaborate with?

Kina Grannis. She’s a Japanese American singer-songwriter. I feel like I should meet her.

6. Is there anything specific you do before each show?

I do not. Every show is different. I kinda just run up there and go for it.

7. Which time period would you want to travel to and experience its musical scene?

Hmm, probably Greenwich Village in the 60’s. See the golden age of the singer-songwriter folk community.

8. What’s coming up for Seiichi Daimo? 

Just non stop promotion of the new record. We will be shooting a music video very soon and a tour to follow! To keep tabs on everything check out


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