Emmure – Set Review


Set Review- 3/28 @ The Glasshouse, Pomona, CA

A little more than half way through the Mosh Lives Tour was Emmure’s stop at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA, where I had the opportunity to witness their set in full. If I had to describe their overall performance in one word, the only thing that comes to mind is energy. Emmure definitely brings the party when they hit the stage, as frontman Frankie Palmeri immediately took the stage the crowd erupted in screams and excitement. Throughout the entire set fans are seen jumping up and down screaming the lyrics to their favorites songs while others take it upon themselves to start up a mosh pit every now and then. This could probably be said about every show, but the amount of energy that radiates off the crowd and from the band is what makes a show so exhilarating and just really all around fun. Emmure is no exception to this! They kept the energy going from the moment they took the stage to the moment the last note was played.

For any fan of Emmure, seeing these guys live is a must! With that being said, check out their remaining tour dates on their Facebook page, the band will be touring across the UK and Europe this spring as well as coming back to the states to tour on Mayhem Festival. Also, don’t forget to check out their upcoming album “Eternal Enemies” due out April 15th on Victory Records. The band also just released a new music video for “Like LaMotta,” you can check that out below.

-Annette V.


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