Spencer Sutherland Q&A

1. What age did you start writing songs?

I started writing music during my senior year of high school. That’s when I started experiencing the ups and downs of relationships, which happens to be what my music is about!

2. What is the most important thing to you when it comes to writing a new song?

The most important thing to me is connecting with the listener. It means a lot to me that I can relate to someone, and if I can do that through music, that’s amazing.

3. How did you start to get your name out to the public?

I was lucky enough to audition for a woman who is now my manager, and 5 days later she put me on opening for Big Time Rush in front of 20,000 people! Ever since then, I’ve been working so hard playing anywhere and everywhere and it’s starting to pay off!

4. If you could perform and/or collaborate with any artist or band (that you haven’t yet), who would it be?

Taylor Swift for sure! Not only is Taylor an amazing performer and singer, but she’s an awesome songwriter as well! It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous 😉

5. Is there a specific song that no matter when or where you hear it, you can’t help but just want to start dancing?

“Yeah!” by Usher. I think that is  lot of people’s answers. It’s an iconic and infectious song! I cant help but bust out when I hear it!

6. Where is your dream performance place?

Madison Square Garden! I think that it’s a milestone for every artist! It’s in the biggest city in the USA!

7. What inspires you most to sing and write your music?

Real life experiences are what inspires me. The up’s and down’s of a relationship as well as wanting to make my dream come true in the music industry!

8. Are there any rituals you do before you perform?

Before I perform I do vocal warmups, pushups, and just get loose. If you are uptight and too serious before a concert, you will be that way on stage. I just try to stay in a focused mental space while having a great time.

9. Would you rather have a major recording company viewing your show or your biggest inspiration?

That’s an awesome question! I would probably rather have a major record company because that could lead to so much PLUS working with my inspiration! 2 birds one stone 🙂

10. What is your overall message you are trying to share with the world with your music? 

The overall message is positivity. It’s so important to me to connect to my fans, and a lot of the things that I go through, they go through. If I can connect with them in a positive way, that’s all that matters.

11. If you weren’t singing/performing, what career would you have or want to have instead?

It’s so hard to answer that question because I don’t have any other passion in the world. If I had too, I would maybe be a personal trainer because I love fitness!



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