My Chemical Romance – “May Death Never Stop You” Greatest Hits – Album Review

Whether you saw it creeping up on the horizon, or it completely crept up out of nowhere, My Chemical Romances’ end was the shock of the decade.

The New Jersey Alternative rockers had been rocking in various cities and stages for nearly 12 years before the band met its demise in March 2013. Guitarists Ray Toro and Frank Iero, bassist Mikey Way, and frontman Gerard Way had called the bands end on a good note, claiming “like all great things, it has to come to an end,” in their strikingly abrupt blog post on their official site. After four astoundingly different and influential albums, and five two-song EP’s, the highly anticipated (or dreadfully awaited, depends on who you ask) Greatest Hits album rightfully titled May Death Never Stop You finally hit the stands after almost a year after the band’s denouement.

Their growth and development from the years of learning and growing as musicians are sculpted onto this album. Listening to it from beginning to end puts you on an emotional roller coaster that you simply cannot escape from. It starts off with their newest (and last) song, and ends with their legendary Attic Demos that soon went onto their first record. Despite whether you’re still upset over their conclusion a year later, or you have transitioned into the acceptance stage, listening to the Greatest Hits album in its entirety just makes you feel better.

Opening up with “Fake Your Death” right off the bat, it conveys to MCR fans what the band was going through during the duration of the end of their adventure. Gerard Way has claimed this song as a eulogy for the band, and I find that statement very fitting. The sad lyrics, brimmed with such blatant honesty and finality, hits home in any interpretation. The rest of the album entails a colorful look at the past 12 years, from their days of raw-punk in I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love to the synth-rock in Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. They really captured every era of the bands life, putting on hits like “Vampires Will Never Hurt You,” “Helena,” “Welcome to the Black Parade,” and “SING.” The thought they put into the album is evident, as the songs that were chosen highlight each era with a stinging nostalgia.

My favorite part of this final chapter finale would have to be the two hours of never before seen DVD music video footage enlisted in the Digital Deluxe Album. Additionally, there is a literal plethora of other ways to celebrate the finale of MCR: a Standard Digital Album (audio), a standard CD (excluding DVD); a Physical Deluxe edition that includes the DVD; an 180-gram vinyl two-LP set with a gatefold sleeve, plus the DVD; and as a DTC package, which includes a “Thank You For The Venom” T-shirt.

-Erin M.


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