OnTronik Q&A

1. Take us through your writing and producing processes.
Concepts come in from everywhere. Could be a melody I hear in my head and try to sing or play on the guitar. Might be a drum beat I play or something I bang out in Ableton. It’s always about just being open to what I’m feeling in that moment.

2. How have your past bands influenced the music you make as OnTronik?
I feel like I was creating as I was on the journey, so looking back I feel good about the accomplishments. There’s definitely a lot I learned about myself as an artist.

3. Who are some artists that have influenced you the most throughout your musical journey?
The artists I always look up to are those who aren’t of afraid of exposing themselves for who they really are. Always staying open to their own source and creating from that space. It’s hard to pinpoint to specific ones since I’ve enjoyed so many different styles and genres of music, its become more about authenticity than anything else.

4. How has the reaction to OnTronik been from fans/friends/family?
I’ve gotten so much love all around. It’s been quite amazing actually. They are the ones who push me to be a better person and artist honestly. They have just as much to do with the success of OnTronik as I do.

5. You recently did a collaboration with We Bang. How did that come about?
We connected through my friend DANK who owns Funky Element Records. Started talking about music and we just hit it off as people. Lots of fun working on that track ‘Silence.’ We released it as a free download. People can grab a copy here: https://soundcloud.com/ontronik/ontronik-we-bang-silence-free

6. Are there any other artists who you would particularly like to work with?
Yes definitely. I’d love to work with artists who can bring something to the table that I can learn from. Its much more fun to be on an adventure with someone who can show you something new or a different way to do it. Especially with the vocals, I think there are some great ways to utilize that element in electronic dance genres that feel comfortable for me.

7. If you had to choose just one word to describe a show of yours, what would it be?

8. What has been your craziest fan experience so far?
Someone getting an OnTronik tattoo that I signed on their leg at a show.

9. Where do you come up with your inspiration to create this music?
All different sorts of ways. It could be music I hear, memories, thoughts about the future and how things may look or sound, books, movies, great actors/actresses and so on.

10. Have you noticed any differences between playing in North America as opposed to overseas or in South America?
Not really , I feel at home on stage and I think people can sense that. If you bring that with you to the performance, people can feel it and will share that moment with you.

11. If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?
You’re doing just fine, keep going.

12. What can we expect from OnTronik in the coming months?
New music, shows, collaborations, sponsorships and simply put, a great time on stage with the fans.


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