Rock Band Barbacoa Release New Album

“The Ohio based band Barbacoa is young and not even currently living in the same state together (vocalist Kyle Evanchuck is serving in the Navy’s Submarine Service), but they create a surprisingly polished and expansive sound that gives them hope for a very bright future.” – M.Foreman/The Vinyl District

(Cleveland, OH) – The two-piece rock band Barbacoa have recently released their new album The Juice. The record has a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) nautical theme throughout, inspired by the fact that group’s vocalist/lyricist Kyle Evanchuck is currently serving in the US Navy.

“The key to Barbacoa surviving the distance and little face time we get with each other is the amount of respect and admiration we have for one another creatively,” says Evanchuck.

All the vocals were cut in just three days with additional harmonies provided by Evanchuck’s brother Tom Evanchuck, a neo-tradinalist singer/songwriter from Cleveland. When listening to the contagious and haunting sounds of Barbacoa, it’s hard to believe everything was created by just two people…two people who only see each other once a year!




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