Light The Avenue – If You Really Want To Know – Album Review

Atlanta, GA natives Light The Avenue released their second album titled If You Really Want To Know this past October, full of pop-punk catchiness, rocking vocals, and multiple guest appearances, Light The Avenue continue to be headed in the right direction. Kicking off the album is an intro track titled “Letters” which offers up only a glimpse of the true musical abilities that Light The Avenue are capable of. The next couple of songs, “Tossing Bricks” & “I’m Sorry, Holden Caulfield,” hit the ground running with catchy lyrics while maintaining a signature pop-punk background. “Safe” taps into the heavier side of Light The Avenue by featuring guest vocals from Fronz (Attila) and Max Stringer (Over All). This next track, “I Still Function”, really showcases the musical talents of the band, it starts off slow and soothing but progressively gets louder, but never loses that soothing tone that makes one want to fall asleep (entirely in a good way of course).

Rounding out the album are the tracks “Sutherland (featuring Caleb Carter)” and “Please Forward.” These two tracks are perfect compliments of each other mixing slow passionate vocals with upbeat drumming and steady guitar riffs. To keep up with the band and tour dates head over to their Facebook page and don’t forget to pick up a copy of their album If You Really Want To Know on the bands Bandcamp page. Also, check out their video for “I’m Sorry, Holden Caulfield” below.

For fans of Brand New, Saves The Day, and anyone who has a passion for good music.

-Annette V.





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