The Amatory Murder Releases “A Haunting” Lyric Video From Upcoming EP “Exploiting Our Dreams” (Out March 31st)

March 24, 2014 – Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn based Rock band The Amatory Murder have released a lyric video for their track “A Haunting” from their upcoming EP “Exploiting Our Dreams” (out March 31st).

The Amatory Murder “A Haunting” Official Lyric Video:

Nightmares are a recurring theme behind ‘Exploiting Our Dreams’, the newest record from The Amatory Murder. We are very excited to release the first single off the EP titled, ‘A Haunting’ via a music/lyric video on YouTube. It was shot and edited at King Killer Studios–our home in Brooklyn, New York. We know our fans will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.Christian Peppas (The Amatory Murder)

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About The Amatory Murder:

For The Amatory Murder, an electronically-tinged goth rock band from Brooklyn, New York, pop sensibility comes wrapped in a dark, danceable package. Fans know to experience TAM is to experience the transformative power and beauty of pain and the dynamic emotional cyclone of rage, love, doubt and fear. The band combines the exhilaration of loud and fast guitars, deeply emotional and relatable lyrics, gorgeous and ghostly electronic composition, powerhouse drums, and catchy hooks to draw listeners into an intense sensory odyssey.

The Amatory Murder has a dedicated following in the dark/alternative scene but their break through sound connects to audiences on all levels with dynamic choruses and energetic beats, which belie the underlying themes of the dark side of the human experience: isolation, rejection, disenchantment and anger that bind us all together.

The Amatory Murder was founded in 2011 at King Killer Studios by frontman/singer/songwriter Christian “Xian Amatory” Peppas (whose vocals are featured in a Skoda Auto Made Of Meaner Stuff commercial in Europe) and guitarist Marios Drakos (aka “Drakos”–“The Dragon”). The band was later rounded out by the addition of bassist Ernest D’Amaso, friend and former schoolmate of Xian who had played and toured around the world; and lead guitarist Joseph Halimi who brings his own touring experience from Warped Tour to the table.

Pulling from an eclectic roster of influences including Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, IAMX, Type O Negative, Placebo, and New Order; theirs is a creative process that involves intensely thought out composition and experimentation in the recording studio. The band employs a variety of foundational sounds utilizing synthetic atmospheres, piano and programmed beat arrangements. Mixed with organic drum samples and live heavy guitars, the tracks are then topped off with their signature angst-ridden dark lyrics.

The Amatory Murder strive to make direct emotional connections with their fans via music that stirs up the dark side we all have hidden within. The writing and arrangement of each track is crafted in order to get their message across to as diverse an audience as possible. They have a very clear vision of what they want the future to hold for them and understand it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get there – no corners can be cut. The Amatory Murder ultimately plan on taking the world’s stage, winning over one lost soul at a time with their unique, enduring sound.


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