Sic Vita “History” Album Review

Let’s look beyond their exceptionally good looks for a moment and actually admire Massachusetts-based band Sic Vita for their true and raw talent. All too often we see bands trying to make it in the music industry by conforming to the egotistical desires of the bigwig record labels. Sic Vita stayed true to themselves and took a risk, and well, it worked. It was love at first listen when I heard Sic Vita’s new album History. Everything about the record was above and beyond, from the mysterious and captivating artwork to the chorus’ that I promise will get stuck in your head sooner or later.

Right off the bat, we’re welcomed with a guitar riff in “Northern Whispers (It’s Just Another Scene),” that sets the tone for the rest of the record. The lyrics compliment the tempo and give poetry a whole new meaning. As a poetry enthusiast, I tend to appreciate lyrics more than most, but all bias aside, everybody who gives a listen to History will find gratitude in the words in at least one of the songs. From topics of envy in “Northern Whispers (It’s Just Another Scene)” to heartbreak and resentment in “Voices,” there’s a message for everybody.

With the recent announcement of Anberlin’s break up, many find themselves lost and inconsolable, as most people feel when they experience a break up of their favorite band. Well, fellow Anberlin devotees, fear not, for there is a new band you can rely on, and they’re just getting started. Sic Vita’s major influence is Anberlin, and it is most definitely exhibited in their writing and performances.

I will leave you readers with one piece of advice: Go to your room, turn off the lights, silence your cell phone, put on your headphones, and listen to Sic Vita’s album History, which can be found on bandcamp. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Be sure to catch them in Providence, Rhode Island, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and Plaistow, New Hampshire in April. Who knows, in 4 or 5 years, they could be selling out headliner tours!

-Brooke B.

Upcoming Shows

3/28 – “With Peacewise, The Daily Grind, and Brainfruit” @ Providence, RI
4/11 – “Relay For Life” @ North Dartmouth, MA
4/18 – Plaistow, NH
4/25 – “With Aero, Sick Pony, One Time Mountain” @ Lowell, MA

4/27 – Providence, RI
5/1- “Rock A Wish” @ North Dartmouth, MA
5/7 or 5/8 – North Dartmouth, MA

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