Follow My Lead Q&A

1. Introduce yourself with your name and what you do in the band.


Mattie Foxx – Vocals

Robbie Thorne – Guitar and vocals

Niall Friel – Guitar

Declan Graham – Bass

William Woods – Drums

2. How did you come up with the name Follow My Lead?

We were brainstorming a ton of names, and this one turned out to be the one we chose.  It has stuck surprisingly well and really started to develop some real attachment.

3. What’s the music scene like in Ireland?

Not great. We have a lot of fans here yes, but practically every other musician/band over here views it as a competition, which we have no time for. We want to just play the music we love and make friends along the way. Hopefully the metal scene here will open up and develop into something great someday.

4. You have a spring tour planned in the UK. Do you have any other tours planned out, any for the summer?

It is tough with no label or booking agent to organize such things, but we are working on trying to get some tours and shows sorted for the coming months, for sure 🙂

5. You had your song “Crestfallen” posted by BryanStars. Has that helped you gain more fans since people who haven’t heard of you were now listening to you?

Definitely, Bryan actually also premiered our latest single ‘Shadowalker’, and I think his fan base have really taken well to us. Hopefully the fans keep coming our way 😀

 6. What kind of message would you like fans to get out of your music?

Each fan will hopefully hold their own personal significance to our songs, whatever they may be. We just want to play music that makes us happy and can inspire some positivity in the listeners lives 🙂

 7. If you could go on tour with any bands, who would you choose?

Too many to choose! haha, we would love to tour with While She Sleeps, Crossfaith, Architects, generally any band that will have a good time with us 🙂

 8. Now you’re set to release a music video for “Shadowalker” on March 21st, what was it like recording the video?

The video shoot was surprisingly smooth and there were zero problems. We were really prepared going into the day, and it couldn’t of went better 🙂 Super pleased with how it turned out.

 Any interesting stories from that?

I would’t say there were any ‘interesting’ things as such that happened, though if you had of been asking that about the ‘Sippin 40’s’ video shoot, then yeah there would of been lots of stories there 😛

 9. Would you rather have a major recording company viewing your show or your biggest inspiration? (If inspiration – who)

Both preferably! haha It would be an honor to play to our biggest inspirations yes, but it’s the major recording companies who will sign us and make this career possible, so maybe more inclined to say recording companies for now.

 10. Would you rather sell 1 billion copies of an album that doesn’t mean anything personal to you or 100 copies of an album that means the world to you?

We wouldn’t release anything that isn’t meaningful to us. Why not 1 billion copies of a meaningful album? 😛

 11. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Be sure to check out our new music video for Shadowalker, keep up to date with our fan pages, and thanks so much for the support, it does really inspire us. Of course thanks for interviewing us and giving us your time!

Follow My Lead


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