Sporty-O Q&A

1. What are your writing and production processes like?

I usually come up with concepts & melodies for songs when I’m riding in the car or in the shower, or even sometimes jogging. I will take those ideas and record them on my iPhone & use those scratch ideas when its time to make a song.

 2. Which artists are your biggest inspirations?

It’s so many!!!  As a big fan of music you never want to leave anybody off this list! lol Tupac, Outkast, Prince, Bob Marley, Diplo just to name a few.

3. What is the music scene like where you are from and how did it influence your experience and music?

I am from Atlanta, GA so the south in general has the energy high, the drums are rolling and the bass is heavy. The Atlanta music scene is very diverse, meaning to me as an artist, it has made me well-rounded. I think that comes out in my music & that is why I was able to expand from just doing hip-hop & breaks & moving into dubstep, big room, trance & electro a few years ago.

4. Tell us about the record store you owned in Decatur.

Owning a record store taught me so much about the music business!! Especially as an artist. It gave me insight from not just an artist perspective but from the retail level. Listening to consumers for 6 years, face to face, about what they liked and/or disliked about artists can teach you a lot. Also the relationships I built as a record store owner I never could have built as just an artist. Once the music industry went from compact disc to digital, I closed the store.

 5. You’ve been in multiple films, including Road Trip 2, how did that influence you and what was your reaction when you were offered to be in these movies?

Well I obviously was excited!!! Every kids dream. Although the roles were small, it again was a chance to experience the entertainment business from another side. My friend Harvey Glazer was directing Van Wilder 3 & gave me my first role in a movie. He introduced me to some people and I was able to get a few more roles after that during some down time off from touring. So it worked out great & the experience of filming a movie, being part of a real Hollywood production is now something I can cross off the bucket list!!

 6. Apart from the collaborations that you have already done, who are some artists that you would like to work with in the future?

Again so many to name!! So many dream collabos!!!!

Pharell, Bassnecter, Glitch Mob. Any of those dudes would be a dream come true collab for me.

 7. Having “2nite” used for one of the biggest EDM events, Electric Daisy Carnival, must have been incredible. How did you find out that it was going to be used and how did you react?

That was a blessing, a friend of mine told me about it & sent me the link on Facebook. It happened out of nowhere!!  It was such an honor. You know out of all the songs on the planet!!!! Insomniac picked mine that year to represent one of the biggest & best festivals in the world. Doesn’t get much better that that!! And I also played one of the main stages at the festival that year so that was pretty cool as well!!!!

 8. If you could have anything happen at one of your shows what would that be?

To see the reaction on each & every person in the crowd’s face when their favorite part of the song comes on.

 9. What did you set out to achieve with your upcoming album, Songs for Strippers?

Well, to make a collection of really awesome songs that strippers like! Strippers like all sorts of music all genres, as long as they can dance to it. So Im trying to make songs that anyone especially strippers can dance to!

 10. What can we expect from Sporty-O in the near future?

Me and my production partner Kisskaya have a string of releases coming out. Free downloads, bootlegs, original music all sorts of genres Trance, House, Trap, Techno, I mean we are all over the board just loving & living music everyday.

Kisskaya & I have a free d/l Trap EP coming out next month “We Rage, You Dont”

Specimen A & I have a EP coming out this summer that we have recently completed. 4 song EP dubstep, breaks, DnB, & electro. Loved working with him on this.

Mayhem & I just completed a BANGER that is coming out this summer.

So I am really looking forward to sharing all this new music with the world.


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