Convalesce Releases Official Lyric Video For “Retribution” Produced By Joey Sturgis

March 17th, 2014Jacksonville, Florida – Florida based Post Hardcore band Convalesce has released the official lyric for their track “Retribution” produced by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans).

Singer David Borges says of the track:

This song it’s for the people that have friends and family with drug addictions. I’ve found out through the years that the best way to get someone to “wake up” and realize where they’re at is to tell them the truth, and most importantly to love them and show them compassion. It’s a struggle to love them when they hurt us and others, and you can tell in the song the struggle we can face; but, at the end of day, remember that they might not have tomorrow, you might indeed be the last voice they hear. Love, in this situation, can save their lives.

David also added:

We are really excited to be working with producer Joey Sturgis. We’ve been around for about 7 years, and we’ve never been more excited about our music and the things to come.

I was immediately drawn to Convalesce because of their message and their vocals. I feel they are bringing something unique to the table in that regard, and they’ve got these heavy riffs that can’t be denied. This is a band who’s ready to work hard for their listeners.Joey Sturgis

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About Convalesce:

Convalesce [ kon-vuh-les ]
To recover one’s health and strength after illness; to make progress toward recovery of health.

Reigning from the country of Puerto Rico, Convalesce decided to move to the United States in 2009 to fully pursue music and expand their audience. Aside from the intricate music and catchy melodies, their sole purpose was to reach out to those that were hurting through a simple message of hope and love. Over the past few years, Convalesce has not only exploded onto the Jacksonville, Florida music scene, but also stood true to their Christian roots in a society that is generally filled with hate and negativity. The band strives to become a light in what seems to be such a dark place.

With the addition of John Martinez (former guitarist for A Static Lullaby and Lower Definition) in the year 2013, Convalesce became stronger than ever. The group has most recently joined forces with producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, and We Came As Romans) to form a solid, professional relationship that will only strengthen the band’s musicianship and outpour.

At the end of the day, the music is merely the gateway for Convalesce to love on people on a much broader scale. Look out for them in 2014!


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