Lime Cordiale “Falling Up The Stairs” EP Review

Lime Cordiale’s new EP, Falling Up The Stairs, is a very upbeat but relaxed album. Listening to it made me feel like I was at an indie beach party. The first song, “Bullshit Aside,” has a very catchy beat and makes you want to just hang out next to a campfire on a warm summer night. The second song, “Famous,” brings a different side of the band, with little psychedelic undertones. “Sleeping At Your Door” is so different from the first two songs at the beginning that you forget that its the same band, in a good way, meaning they are versatile. The fourth song and also the title of the EP, “Falling Up The Stairs,” brings the tone back down to a more relaxed feeling from the previous upbeat track. The boys really know how to blend different styles of music to get a unique Aussie indie-rock sound. The fifth and last track, “Everything Else,” brings the songs all together and says what stressed college kids say all the time, “there’s no time to relax,” which is perfect because this band is the type of music you would want to listen to when you’re studying or reading a book, so you can be reminded that you are not alone. If you like parties, indie music and going to the beach, this album is perfect for you!

– Raquel P.


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