Chosen As One Of MTV Buzzworthy’s “30 Criminally Good Artists We Couldn’t Stop Obsessing Over in 2013”

AUSTIN, TX – Austin’s own, Driver Friendly, are thrilled to announce they will performing at South By Southwest 2014! Chosen as one of MTV Buzzworthy‘s “30 Criminally Artists We Couldn’t Stop Obsessing Over in 2013” and mentioned in an interview onNPR as “One of 2013’s Up and Coming Acts”, the boys in Driver Friendly are just preparing for the successful road ahead of them- a complete 180 of what they believed was down the road for the band in 2011.

 After what seemed like a failed attempt to find success, the band realized that there was still something left to say.  Despite the setbacks and disappointments along the way, buried deep down was a hope that one last-ditch effort could be thrown together to go out on top.

What resulted was the album Bury A Dream. The album recording was funded through a show of support from a still dedicated fan base. With the skilled work of producer and friend Jim Vollentine, the band recorded the songs over the course of a few months and released it to the public in early 2012. Several music videos were released, a tour was booked, and a publicity campaign was implemented. Driver Friendly even captured the attention of actor Tom Hanks, who mentioned the band in a tweet. Interest from record labels soon followed. Shortly after the release of Bury a DreamHopeless Records had signed Driver Friendly.

What had been a band ready to give up their dreams was now a band thriving on the success they had found through their renewed determination.

 Shortly after signing to Hopeless, the band’s focus shifted to new material and moving forward. Driver Friendly has been releasing new material over the past few years, including their successful EP, “Peaks + Valleys”. The band’s official Hopeless Records full-length debut will be released in late 2014.

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Driver Friendly SXSW 2014 Showcases:

 Tue. March 11th – 9:00PM – Official SXSW Showcase @ Dirty Dog Bar – 505 E. 6th Street

 Fri. March 14th – 12:35PM – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Blind Pig Roof – 317 E 6th Street



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