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“Cincinnati chamber-rock duo Bad Veins follow up their much-buzzed-about self-titled 2009 debut with an album that sonically raises the bar.”  – Alternative Press


The indie-pop band, Bad Veins, will be heading to Austin for South by Southwest 2014!

Bad Veins is a musical project by Benjamin Davis and Jake Bonta, formed in Cincinnati, Ohio. The duo is known for sporting vintage military clothing, using a telephone to sing into while performing, and utilizing an old reel-to-reel named Irene for backing tracks, all creating a unique show experience for even the most seasoned concert attendee. Army green and red roses, similar to their debut album cover, is a visual staple during their live performances.

Releasing their most recent album The Mess We’ve Made in 2012, the band garnered praise from the likes of USA

Bad Veins SXSW 2014 Showcase:


Wed., March 12th – 1:00am – SXSW Official Showcase – Quantum Lounge (305 W. 5th St.)

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