My Body Sings Electric “Part 1: The Night Ends” Album Review

My Body Sings Electric is an indie rock band based out of Denver, Colorado; they wrapped up a small tour earlier this month in support of their upcoming album Part I: The Night Ends, which is set to be released Tuesday February 25th. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing their album in advance and I must say bravo to them. My Body Sings Electric has created a series of songs that not only blend extremely well together but also maintains an excellent balance of fun energetic beats and soft emotional tones.

Right off the bat is the leading track “Keep It Simple, Stupid” which instantly captures the attention of listeners, drawing them into the rest of the album. Jumping ahead to track 5 “Higher” brings a similar vibe as “Keep It Simple, Stupid” making these two tracks the top highlights of the album. Moving on and slowing things down a bit is track 6, “Head Out West,” this track does an excellent job of showcasing the vocal range of lead singer Brandon Whalen, as well as shedding light on the musical talents of bassist Jason Bower, guitarists Nick Crawford & Jeff Fedel, and drummer Ben Scarboro, which towards the end of the song put everything they have into a big finish. Bringing in that balance of energy and emotion are the tracks “Oceancrest” and “Sleepwalker,” these two songs encompass the personality of My Body Sings Electric both vocally and musically. Closing out the album is the track “Wild Things,” this track is full of optimism and an overall positive outlook on life, which is a perfect ending really.

My Body Sings Electric have definitely come a long way and show no signs of slowing down; they enjoy making music and people enjoy listening to them. With that being said don’t forget to check out their new album when it drops this Tuesday (2/25) and head over to their Facebook page to keep up with tour dates and the band.

– Annette V.


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