¿What do Zardonic, Blind Guardian, The Unguided, Napalm Records, and Valentine’s Day have in common?

In the celebration of his 10th anniversary, Bass Metal overlord Zardonic has released three tracks in collaboration with Sweden’s metal prodigies, The Unguided (led by ex-Sonic Syndicate members), included in the limited edition of their most recent album “Fragile Immortality“. The tracks included are “When All The Seraphim Cry“, “Unguided Entity (Zardonic Remix)” and “Deathwalker (Zardonic Remix)“, featuring the voice of Hansi Kürsch, frontman of the legendary german heavy metal band Blind Guardian.

Fragile Immortality” has been available in Europe since the 31st of January, and is available in North America today, February 14th, so you can celebrate your Valentine’s Day properly.

The label in charge of the album’s release is the legendary Napalm Records, who’s amazing roster includes Candlemass, Cavalera Conspiracy, DevilDriver, Grave Digger, Hate, Kampfar, Lacrimas Profundere, Legion of the Damned, Monster Magnet, Moonspell, Summoning, Tiamat, Tristania and Vintersorg, to mention a few.

Listen to “Deathwalker (Zardonic Remix)“:

Purchase The Album HERE.

For those who love FREE DOWNLOADS, Zardonic is giving away tracks spanning his early demos to the present day releases in a compilation of nearly 60 tracks called “Tunes From The Vault!“, uploading at least 4 tracks per week. Grab FREE DOWNLOADS HERE!

About Zardonic:

If there’s a winning figure in the world of EDM, that’s Federico Agreda aka Zardonic. An artist that has worked his way up to a top position with unstoppable force since his beginnings in 2004: awarded Best Keyboardist and Best Metal Artist in his native Venezuela; voted the #1 DJ in Venezuela according to The DJ List; reached #1 in Beatport’s Drum & Bass Release charts with his milestone album “Vulgar Display Of Bass” (including the million time played single “Bring Back The Glory”); -#1 in Beatport’s Hardcore / Hard Techno Release charts with the “Far Beyond Bass” remix album; and #1 in Amazon’s Bestsellers in Hard Rock & Metal charts with his remix of The Unguided’s “Phoenix Down” single.

Encompassing everything from Glitch Hop and Electro to Drum & Bass and Hardcore Techno with an extreme metal style he calls “Bass Metal”, his release history includes over 100 original tracks and remixes on labels such as three time Grammy award winner Skrillex’s OWSLA label, Grammy nominated DJ AK1200’s Big Riddim,and America’s top Drum & Bass DJ Dieselboy’s Human Imprintl, gaining worldwide air plays on London’s BBC Radio 1 and Russia’s Radio Record.


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