You Me At Six “Cavalier Youth” Album Review

From overseas in Surrey, British rockers You Me At Six have released their fourth album, Cavalier Youth.  It stole the number one spot on the United Kingdom’s iTunes chart just a day after the release. The album, produced by Neal Avron, who has worked with Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Yellowcard, has not lost the classic YMAS touch. The feel and sound of the older albums is present, yet it’s not a carbon copy of their previous work. We also hear a brand new side of the band that we haven’t witnessed before.

The first track “Too Young to Feel This Old” kick starts the album, with an upbeat tone that creates a certain mood for the rest of the album. The lyrics itself were enticing and somewhat emotional, alluding us to the rest of the album and giving us a theme. Then, there’s a touch of the old school YMAS with “Fresh Start Fever.”  Already topping the charts as a single, the lyrics and instrumentals play a song of redemption and moving on. That theme of redemption and ransom plays along with a lot of the songs, such as “Forgive and Forget” with its dark melodies and solemn beat, and “Room To Breathe,” which was one of the heavier songs on the album, relinquishing the feel of anger and an overall heavy tone. It’s definitely one of my personal favorites, and one that I imagined myself rocking out to in concert. One of the last songs that define this album is “Cold Nights.” This song reminded me of a more pop-rock sound with optimistic harmonies.

A reoccurring thought traveled through my head while listening to this, which is now one of my favorite albums at the moment, and that was: “Another British invasion for the states?” This album has blown up already, and this year has barely even begun. As a whole, with the heavy guitars, prominent drums and thrumming bass, Cavalier Youth has definitively created a new era for You Me At Six.

 -Erin M.


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