PELUSSJE Release Multi-Decade Music Inspiration “Salsoul & West End Remixed Vol. 5” On ULTRA Music

January 28, 2014 – High-energy Italian Electro-House duo PELUSSJE are ready to dominate dancefloors with their multi-genre EP “Salsoul & West End Remixed Vol. 5”, on Ultra 1/28/2014. From the trap-inspired “Ride On Time” to hard-electro, disco-infused “Salsoul Nuggets” and massive electro-house “Love Is You”, this newest EP from the always dynamically transgenre PELUSSJE satisfies any crowd expectations.

Listen to PELUSSJE’s “Salsoul & West End Remixed, Vol. 5”:

As a whole, this EP is a far departure from any ordinary marrying modern sounds with older nostalgic elements. The production is top notch and comes across very genuine in its execution and the sampling makes each song that much more powerful with close attention to detail and a heavy dose of bounce. We can confidently predict that these tracks will serve as a catalyst to light up any dance floor and we are excited for what is to come from PELUSSJE in the future.Clayton WarwickThe Music Ninja

Buy PELUSSJE’s “Salsoul & West End Remixed Vol. 5” Online:
iTunes | Beatport
“Love Is You (PELUSSJE Remix)” on Beatport

The duo are also preparing to gear up for their third official US tour beginning late March, 2014, in Miami, FL. Watch for PELUSSJE US Tour Dates HERE!

Connect with PELUSSJE:
Pelussje Official
Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube


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