The Stolen – “Adults” EP Review

The Stolen is a 5-piece pop rock band from Old Bridge, New Jersey. They have just released their EP Adults and it has a very interesting sound. As soon as I heard the album I heard a little bit of punk, some pop, and a lot of alternative. As soon as I heard the song “Getting New At Growing Old” I knew that this band was one to listen to. The amount of raw sound that they have produced on guitar in this song really makes it different from the others. You get an urge to want to dance and cry at the same time. I find the guitar and voice match well and give it a rustic sort of sound to the album.

There is a good mix of upbeat songs and more toned down songs on this EP. I think the band did a great job balancing the sounds and not having it sound like one straight twenty-five minute song. There is definitely a shift from song to song. “Ninety-Five” is a very upbeat song and you can hear the emotion through the lyrics. “Motion Sickness” has a more passionate sound and a shift in the sound of guitar and drums from the others on the album. If I were to put this band on a mix CD, I would pair them with All Time Low, Valencia, The Dangerous Summer and Stages & Stereos. These are a few mixes of music that would go well with this band and EP.

Comparing this EP to past ones that they have produced, I would say that their sound has matured. Their EP Grand Slam! For The Home Team is a much faster paced album that sounds more like early The Summer Set, Hit The Lights and Cartel. I think they are both great EP’s but there is definitely a shift in sound from 2012 to now, a more mature sound.

All in all, if you enjoy hanging out with friends and listening to feel good music, I suggest throwing this EP on at your next hang out.

-Chelsea F.


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