Brett Steinberg’s ‘Until We See the Sun’ Album Review

Brett Steinberg’s new album, Until We See the Sun, creates a feeling of comfort and relatability. “Not Turning Back” is a perfect opening that sets the all over tone of the album which is to never give up, to enjoy the good moments, and live and love for the present. “Through the echoes I hear a voice of reason. Love is an entity, a strong missing piece, of a puzzle that I cannot see,” a line from “Until We See the Sun,” which also happens to be the title of the album, ties all his points together, the future is unknown but we must try to go on. Brett’s voice is real. He sings with passion that causes the listener to automatically place themselves in the situation he is speaking about. Five songs into the album we hear a different side of Brett, with the softer and slower lyrics. “Made Me Feel Alive” adds that break to the album, in an unsuspected place, the beginning. Clearly Brett has a lot of love to give and he speaks about it in the more uplifting and mood changing “For You.” The most memorable highlights of the album are from the changes in dynamics after a few songs, which has the listener feeling like they’re being told a story that has its ups and its downs, its random curve balls, and at one point just stillness which is seen in “Hopeful Wanderers.” Brett ends his album beautifully with “We’ll Be Okay,” which he concludes with asking questions that don’t always have single answers, and those questions are ones that everyone asks and wonders about, but even without those answers, having our hearts and hope will get us through and “We’ll Be Okay.”

 -Raquel P.

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