Chevonne and The Fuzz Interview

Chevonne & The Fuzz - Group 3 - Hi ResWe sat down with Chevonne and The Fuzz at Sullivan Hall for CMJ and asked them some questions. Check out the interview here:

1) How did you guys all meet?

Chevonne (Vocals): My initial intention was to write a solo record after I was on The Voice and I enlisted a couple of these guys to be my backing band. We’ve known each other for a while, we’re all friends of friends of friends and we all became friends. We began recording for my solo record and immediately it felt like something else, it felt like a band so I just kind of said let’s write and see what happens.  We wrote and the music was ridiculously awesome and there wasn’t even a choice, we became a band and the solo record became our band record.

2) How did you guys come up with your band name?

Chris (Vocals): Well her name is Chevonne, so that part was easy but we were recording in a college and long story short, this campus cop said “You guys gotta leave, you don’t have a permit,” and he wasn’t being very nice. Mike got really, really mad so I was trying to make him laugh and I was just like “We just got popped by the fuzz!” And then the following day Chevonne and I were driving to rehearsal and I’m like Chevonne and The Fuzz. I think they were a little apprehensive at the beginning.

3) Do you guys have anything you do before you go on?

Chris: I throw up. It’s a new thing with me now, I don’t like it. I’m trying to make this be the first show when it isn’t going to happen. I think it’s just because I’m so excited. I’m not even sick, it’s just a thing. At the last show they were like “where’d you go?” I’m like “I gotta go puke really quick, and we’ll get this going in the right direction.”

Chevonne: Other than that though, what we try to do before a show is stay together. We try to stay in a group and get psyched together. Hang out a little bit before it all starts, the adrenaline starts to pump.

Nick (Keys): Right before we go on too, during the last couple of shows we’ve huddled up and we just let each other know we love each other, we are a unit and we’re going to rock the place no matter what.

4) Which artist would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

This is really easy to answer. We love the Foo Fighters. Another band that we feel very connected with is Neon Trees because they kind of do the same pop rock with some dance in there.  They’re really where we would like to be.

5) Can you guys assign roles to each other?

Chevonne: Well I’m definitely the mom there is no question about that. It’s because I’m definitely a mommy type, however I’m a scatter-brained mom. We like to say that Nick would be the loving grandpa. Mike is the rebel child. Chris (Ricci) is the dad. Books(Guitar) is the fun uncle. Chris is the uncle that teaches you how to swear. He’s the one that shows up and goes “Repeat after me and don’t tell your mom I taught you this.” Then blame it on Mike.

6) If you guys had to marry another band who would it be?

Chevonne: I’m trying to think of a band with a hot girl because we want to marry a hot girl…

Mike (Bass): Paramore

Chevonne: Yeah, we’re going to go with Paramore.

7) How has your experience on The Voice influenced you?

Chevonne: My experience on The Voice helped me a lot because before The Voice I was a professional background singer. I sang for Estelle and I sang for Lady Gaga, so I was very much a team player only and it was my job to make it even more about the artist and highlight them. And so when I got to The Voice it was all of a sudden about me, and it was very weird. I did three songs, and each of the songs moved me further towards figuring out exactly what kind of music I wanted to do.

Be sure to check Chevonne and The Fuzz out next time they’re playing in your city!

Connect with them online:


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