All Torn Up Set Review


There aren’t many bands that could transform the small room of a loft into a huge pit, but All Torn Up did just that. The band, from New York, made the entire crowd jump along to their fast paced guitar riffs and steady drums.

The small venue in Brooklyn was packed with people ready to sing and scream along to all of the bands, and this seemed to be exactly the case during All Torn Up’s set.  The vocals were on point throughout their whole set, combining strong stage presence with good execution. The crowd definitely noticed this and more and more people entered the room to watch the band. The guitars, bass, and drums played seamlessly in time and helped create the intense vibes to get more of the audience involved with the performance. The pit that opened up spanned the entire back of the room and reminded me of what a mosh pit should be, with old school pushing and jumping. Clearly, the audience formed a connection with the band, because after their 8 song set ended, the crowd started chanting for an encore.

 All Torn Up put on the most truly ‘punk’ show that I have ever attended. From the minute they started playing the entire atmosphere was one that music and entertainment lovers would greatly appreciate. Be sure to check them out when they play near you!


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