The Lawsuits “Cool Cool Cool” Album Review



Philly natives, The Lawsuits, are pushing the traditional boundaries of traditional indie/folk music, by blending elements of jazz, pop, soul in one very notable, upcoming full-length album, Cool Cool Cool. Cool Cool Cool, which is set to be release October 1st of this year, is definitely a must-have for any fans of well written and produced music, as it does not disappoint in the least. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down to listen to this album, and as a first time listener I can wholeheartedly say that Cool Cool Cool displays exceptional musical talent, which gets even better as the track listing progresses.

The first track off the album, “Anybody’s Girl”, mixes melodic guitar chords with soft beating drums and the soulful voices of vocalists Brian Dale Allen Strouse and Vanessa Winters. The slow melodic theme continues on with the title track, “Cool Cool Cool”, and its predecessor, “Dreaming #26”, both of which include flowing elements of folk, jazz and calming blues-rock. The energetic, pop-inspired tracks, “Onion” and “10 Cent Piece”, feature instrumental aspects of everything from pop to folk, leaving fans dancing on their feet from beginning to end. “Long Drive Home” and “You Won’t Love Me If You Don’t” highlight the angelic and soulful vocals of Vanessa Winters in all her glory. To close the record out, Cool Cool Cool ends with “25w A19 120v Blues”, which is anything but uneventful.  The track is filled with pop infused vocals and drum sequences, along with an overdue guitar solo that seems to bring everything in the album together perfectly. Talk about saving the best for last, because that is exactly what The Lawsuits have done.


Cool Cool Cool will be out October 1st, but in case you cant wait that long head over to The Lawsuits Facebook page ( to download and listen to the single, “Onion”.   “Dreaming 26” is also available for free download via Rolling Stone ( Don’t forget to ‘like’ their Facebook page, check out their upcoming tour dates, and grab a copy of the full-length album once it drops, as fans will not  be disappointed.


-Annette V.


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