The Departed “Steal The Crown” Review


When the world’s become something that you can’t be a part of, you steal the crown and make a change. The English hardcore quintet, The Departed, have dropped an album that will be turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic. “Steal the Crown” contains tracks that aren’t too lengthy but pack enough punch within them for one of the most exhilarating half-hour brawls of your life. The opening prelude offers a brief conversation about the state of humanity being caused by the susceptibility of the human mind to false idols. This conversation, paired with an eerie soundscape of distortion, sets the stage for “Faithless,” a track that denounces organized religion while simultaneously preaching a strong understanding that the world can change for the better. This fairly consistent lyrical style is fascinating as it rejects the commonly used one-notion-per-song structure that saturates many genres of music.
Sonically, The Departed are set in the ways of fast, guitar-driven hardcore music with a well-rounded punk sensibility that can be very refreshing for fans of modern and vintage angst. Besides angst, there’s a sense of zeal that never fails throughout the album. The third track, “Overcome,” is likely my favorite example of that drive that is exuded from this band. The sound transitions very well thanks to some impressive drumming that finds a sweet spot between merit-worthy technique and rocking straightforwardness. The band also shows a powerful versatility with the track, “Down & Out,” which is the only significant dynamic dip in the album but the energy maintained in that soft spot explodes into the second half of the album in one of the most glorious fashions I’ve heard from a punk-influenced band. “Steal the Crown” will get you angry if that’s what you’re looking for; but it will do so much more than that. Get ready to channel that energy toward inspiration.

– Paul W.


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