These Hearts Q&A


1.     Please introduce yourself and tell us your role in the band.
Ryan Saunders, I am the vocalist.

2.     How did the band come together?
Daryl, Isaiah, and I formed the band while attending college.  Tyler and Kyle were in 2 local bands in the area that were breaking up when we needed members.

3.     You guys are from the Dakotas, which most people don’t associate with having much of an alternative music scene, so what’s the reception like back home? Do you have a lot of support?
We are from Fargo, which has a pretty decent alternative music scene.  North Dakota, South Dakota, and especially Minnesota have always been very supportive of our band when we were more of a regional band.

4.     Yours To Take has received a lot of positive reception so far, and it’s clearly different from Forever Ended Yesterday. Talk about the songwriting and recording process, how would you describe the evolution of your sound?
On “Yours to Take” I focused on writing great songs around a relatable, easy to sing chorus.  It still has our sound but a much better representation of it.  “Forever Ended Yesterday” was an attempt to mash genres together to be original.  It was a dream come true working with Kevin Kumetz, Andrew Wade, and Joey Sturgis.

5.     I absolutely love the pop punk side to your music; it definitely has an old-school quality to it. Who would you say are some of your musical influences?
My favorite band of all time is Rufio, but I’ve always loved pop punk bands like Slick Shoes, Blink 182, and The Starting Line.

6.     Some of the songs off Yours To Take where inspired by overcoming struggles of life on the road, so what have been some of the hardest challenges that you’ve had to overcome as a band?
Being away from everyone you love is really tough, especially when it’s months on end.  Finances are always a struggle too since making money touring is difficult.

7.     There are a couple of really awesome guest performances on Yours To Take, so what was it like to collaborate with Bert (Poncent) and Mattie (Montgomery)? Would you collaborate with them again?
They both did great and their voices fit the parts perfectly.  We matched the song genre types to the guest vocalist, they were very easy to work with and we would definitely do it all over again.

8.     Do you guys ever do any covers? Is there any song that you guys would be dying to do a cover of?
We did a hardcore cover of “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and it caught on more than we would’ve liked.  I think that scarred us because we still have people asking us to play it.

9.     You guys are signed with Victory Records, what’s it like being label-mates with some of the big names in “popcore”, like A Day To Remember?
It definitely adds a sense of legitimacy when you can tell people you’re on the same record label as A Day To Remember.

10.  If you could create your own tour and choose the ultimate line-up, who would you choose to play alongside?
Fallout Boy, Paramore, and Blink 182

11.  What are some songs and/or albums that have helped you through hard times?
I used to skate a lot growing up, and I’d get a lot of aggression out listening to Finch, Senses Fail, and Silverstein.

12.  You teamed up with Alternative Press to release a full-streaming of Yours To Take for two consecutive days. How do you think the internet has helped shaped the spread of music?
The stream really helped us out because fans got a chance to listen to the whole album before deciding to support us.  The Internet has made people greedy.  When I would buy a record growing up, I would listen to it and find things I loved about it.  People now won’t give a record 30 seconds before they decide if they like a band or not.

13.  What can we expect to see from These Hearts in the future, any upcoming tours?
We are touring July 18th-28th.  Music video releases July 22nd.  A lot of tours in the works. Check out our dates at 

14.  Anything else you’d like to say to your fans?
We appreciate you more than you know.  Hope to see you all soon and God bless. 


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