the Vernons “Volume 1” EP Review


As if Australia wasn’t already amazing enough, blues rock band, the Vernons, hailing from South East Coast, QLD, are making Australia look even better. With an impressive mixture of jazz, blues, and rock , their upcoming EP Volume 1, which is set to be released in September of 2013, this group of Aussies has only begun to display a small sampling of their extensive musical ability. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Volume 1, and what I heard was nothing short of pure talent.

“Shake N Roll” starts off the EP, and it immediately opens with stellar guitar and vocal choruses, before erupting into an upbeat and solid rock tune. The next track, “Standing In Line”, follows suite with the previous song, leading with the guitar chorus in anticipation of the remaining instrumentals. In addition to the bluesy instrumentals, vocally this song is transformed into an authentic swampy, blues-rock sound, which is refreshing and definitely not to be missed.

“White Wine”, the third song off Volume 1, is perhaps the best song off the entire EP. Although this song is a little slower paced than the other tracks, the vocals on this track are so emotionally powered and raw; the sound is seemingly incomparable to any other vocalist out there. The last track off Volume 1, “Mercy”, closes out the EP perfectly, with upbeat guitar chords and drumming intermixed with passionate, spirited vocals. “Mercy” is a get-up-and-dance-your-heart-out kind of song, and if you’re anything like me, that’s exactly what you’ll end up doing.

the Vernons are eagerly awaiting their chance to jump into and make a splash in the alternative music scene, and with this EP that’s exactly what they are going to do. For laid back yet exciting rock songs, definitely pick up a copy of Volume 1, when it drops this coming September. Also don’t forget to check out the bands Facebook page ( and hit that “like” button, for the latest music releases and tour updates.

-Annette V.


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