Silent Screams Q&A


You have just this week released the video for your single ‘The Way We Were’. What has the reaction been like to the single?

First voice: Well Download posted the video for us which was really cool of them! They gave us a really good review which talked about our set at Download and how we packed the tent out which was so cool of them and I think that definitely helped with the reaction we’ve had. We’ve had so many likes, shares, comments, the lot!

Previously Silent Screams have been through some line up changes, with Joel as the new vocalist in the band.  How are you guys adjusting to the new line up and how have the fans responded to it?

First voice: You’re always going to have worries over what would happen, especially as James had a big following personally so we had worries over that but we were never going to break up or anything.

Joel: The response has been overwhelming, considering James had such a big following. I was always worried if people would accept me not just in the band but as myself but there’s been no problems.

First voice: Obviously you’ll always get a small majority who will say things like “I prefer James” but we will always keep moving forward. The response to it has been really cool, nothing like we thought.

Would it be safe to assume that with your new single you guys have plans for a new album and new material underway?

Second voice: Yeah, we’re currently writing it in between shows and festivals. We’re all working in the week and travelling to do festivals at the weekend so at the moment we’re writing whilst we tour and throwing around ideas and tunes.

First voice: October is our official recording period though, where we can sit and focus purely on the writing and making the album.
You guys have quite an impressive tour history to brag about, having supported the likes of Your Demise, Parkway Drive and Bring Me The Horizon. If you could organise your own dream tour, who would be on the line up and where would you guys tour?

Second voice: I’d prefer someone really big like Kiss as a headliner! You definitely need someone like Slipknot on there. I’d definitely have a really big bands like those play though.

Silent Screams are no strangers to Ghostfest. How do you think that this year will differ from previous years and what bands are you looking forward to watching and hanging out with this year?

First voice: Well things always look better when you look back on them but they’ve had different advantages each time so it’s hard to say how this might differ. The year before was definitely rad because our album was fresh in everybody’s minds so we had a lot of hype.

Second voice: Obviously it’s our first time with Joel as the new singer too so it’ll be different this year because it’s our first time with this line up.
2013 is half gone already, and you guys are quite busy as you are set to play various UK festivals this summer. What plans do Silent Screams have for the rest of this year?

First voice: We’re probably going to avoid touring for the rest of the year once festival season is over just so that we can have a break.

Second voice: It will more than likely be a break for the rest of the year for us definitely, get a lot of writing out the way and then play the odd show here and there.

-Emma D.


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