Random Holiday “Space to Grow” Album Review

Winchester, VA natives, Random Holiday, which consists of Mike Frazier and Noah Mullinax, have recently released their debut full-length album this past April, titled Space to Grow. Originally created as a way to escape high school boredom, Random Holiday has matured into a fully functional, young pop-punk band, and even though they have a long way to go, they’re on the perfect track to becoming successful musicians. Although the band previously released an EP titled A New Hope, their full-length album, Space to Grow, is definitely an excellent start to defining their sound and direction as a band.

The opening track, “17”, dives right into that feel-good summer sound, filled with upbeat and consistent drumming alongside buoyant and poppy guitar. Lyrically, “17” is a song for those angsty teenage years of feeling lost and prematurely thrown into a world of responsibility, all the while learning to deal with things and discovering the world and oneself. The next three tracks “Lee”, “If I’m Lucky I’ll Forget Your Name”, and “Bankshaft” seem to bounce off of each other,  while slowly toning down the pace of each song to come, which is a seemingly perfect setup for the next track. “Walk Before You Run”, shows the softer side of Random Holiday, with an acoustic guitar and sentimental vocals. This song is perfect for a nice relaxing day, or a quick music session with your IPod right before bedtime. The title track, “Space to Grow”, is surprisingly purely instrumental, but it truly adds the meaning of “space-to-grow” to the album. “Where I Belong” and “Hibernation” go hand in hand, although they are both different instrumentally and lyrically. It feels as if one can’t be without the other, and both songs demonstrate the bands ability to write emotional and inspirational lyrics, accompanied with perfectly timed instrumentals. We finish off the album with “Hearts Grow Colder”, which is unswervingly transitioned from “Hibernation”.  The song is basically a summary of the entire album, incorporating everything heard thus far and blending distinctly written lyrics and instrumentals. The ideal way to end an album is captured with “Hearts Grow Colder”.


Random Holiday has displayed a great deal of talent throughout this album, and I can’t wait to see where they will go next in the music scene. If you’re a fan of Blink-182 and Brand New, this is definitely a band you want to check out, as their sound is a perfect blend of the two. Be sure to check out Space to Grow (http://randomholidaymusic.bandcamp.com/album/space-to-grow), and don’t forget to visit the bands’ Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/randomholidayva) and hit that “like” button!

-Annette V.


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